The Gardener in Liberty’s

As of this morning, Liberty’s of London have stock of our exciting new collection – previously only available online, you can now get hold of our most coveted Peas, Wateringcans and Keys.

The Gardener Collection in Liberty's

The Gardener Collection in Liberty

Liberty’s have a great selection so get down there and check it out – you’ll be just in time for Mothers Day!  Don’t worry if you can’t make it down to Liberty’s, I will be adding new pieces from The Gardener Collection to our online range – there will be some lovely new bangles and earrings that are just perfect for Spring.

Suzy A & Manuele by our cabinet in Liberty's

Suzy A & Manuele by our cabinet in Liberty

The lovely Manuele from Liberty’s is going to be around to help you try on as much A. M. as you want!

Thanks, Susie x


  1. Rose

    I already have your first bee which I LOVE, and wondering if you might you have the flying bee available at any of your London stockists?

  2. amonroe

    Hi Rose,
    Flying bee eh? Not sure where that little fella is… Liberty might still have some. Whistles should have them in stock in a couple of weeks. Best phone around a few key stockists and see what they’ve got in.
    So glad you love the classic bee! We love him here too!

  3. Violeta

    Hi Alex!
    I found your blog looking for other things and I just love your pieces and text…just in case you are without inspiration take a look at Margareth Mee work. You probably already know how wonderful she was.
    Best wishes.

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