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  • Event recap: Two Turtle Doves : A Memoir of Making Things

    It’s been non-stop here at AMHQ.  We have had two fantastic book launch events for Alex’s first book, ‘Two Turtle Doves, A Memoir of Making Things’. Our first stop, the iconic Daunt Books, that was full to the rafters (phew) with lovely people including Jo Whiley and Francis Quinn (who made a lovely chocolate nest for the launch,  thank you!), all enjoying the lovely treats from Hiver Beer, Belovoir , Jensen Bermondsey Gin and delicious custom made ‘Two Turtle Doves’ biscuits by the talented Bees Bakery. Our lovely floral arrangements were courtesy of the talented Palais Flowers. We then had a little gathering in our London Bridge boutique.












    Continuing his temporary switch from silversmith to wordsmith, Alex managed to squeeze in an article for The Guardian, that seems to have sparked an interesting debate online!


    A huge thank you to everyone who attended and for all those who missed both events, Alex will be at the Oxford Literary Festival on Friday 28th March 2014 at 12pm. Tickets can be purchased here. And a special thank you to Bloomsbury for all their help and support and for this lovely vine!






  • Friday roundup

    As always, it’s been a busy past few weeks here at the AMHQ, with trade shows and a new collection launch. So here is a little Friday roundup.

    We headed to Paris Fashion week for Premiere Classe that concluded with a party and free champagne! Always a good way to end a show!



    Hiromi with customers at Premiere Classe


    Part of our display at Premiere Classe, Paris.


    Our display went down a storm with HP France and they asked me to make a display for their exhibition at the end of the month. Luckily I have a lovely, woodworking workshop in Suffolk, equipped with my Dad’s old woodworking tools.



    Me looking right at home in my woodwork workshop



    The effortlessly cool Momoko and her husband paid us a visit at Premiere Classe. Momoko has a shop in Tokyo called Fifi et Fafa and has just written a book in Japan giving kids information about how to stand up to child abuse.


    Momoko and her husband with Ruth Tomlinson at Premiere Classe

    The delightful Manuela from Liberty paid us a visit, so that she could become even more informed about our jewellery. That she can then pass onto the customer when they purchase our jewellery at Liberty and all in her own time, what dedication!



    Susie Lee and Manuela (and the cake)


    Oh and did I mention, she baked us this delicious cake! Cake is always welcome here at AMHQ! (hint hint)


    Suzy A headed over to Fenwick, Bond Street to re-merchandise our displays. It was a very clean, simple and neat display to keep in theme with the jewellery department itself. As always, she has done a splendid job with the VM.




    A young Chiffchaff flew into our window the other day. My daughter Verity nursed it backed health and it flew off chirpier than before!


    That’s all folks………. for now…

    :) Alex

  • A few events…

    Hi All,

    Just a quickie to let you know about some up-coming events and things… firstly I’m in Liberty this Thursday (12th Sept), from 5 (or 6) ’till 8 ish I think. Very exciting… we’re launching the new Banquet collection. For a sneaky peeky did you see Tom’s little film yet? Here it is just in case.

    It’ll be the very first time the collection has gone on sale so we’re very excited to hear what everybody thinks of it. Either way, Liberty have all our classics as well so do pop in if you get a mo. I’ll be there, hopefully with a helper or two…

    Oh, and by the way, don’t forget it’s National Cycle-to-work day on Thursday too. We’ll all be at it! How about you? (No rain I hope)

    And Friday, London Fashion Week starts for us on Friday. Lots of appointments. But Emma and Millie are of to the Big Apple for New York fashion week! Busy busy busy!

    We’ve appointments all week-end and I’m supposed to be at a wedding in Salisbury…

    Next week we’re launching the Banquet collection here at our shop on Thursday 19th. For full details of the launch event, make sure to join our Facebook event here. Tom will get it online as soon as possible but he’s flat out preparing for the shows at the moment!

    Then I’m off to Paris for Paris Fashion week! It’s all go this time of year!

    More soon,

    Alex ;-)


  • My filming debut

    Okay, it’s not exactly the silver screen but this past weekend I have been in Suffolk filming a short film for the website. Ben Rice was the man in charge of the project with his assistant Tom and unofficial second assistant Libby!

    Between the noisy plane flying overhead and the thunderstorm we managed to get some good footage of me sketching and an interview piece.

    We wrapped up filming with some much needed fish and chips, washed down with a glass of wine.

    For now I leave you with some images from filming.








    First stop Suffolk, next stop Hollywood….

    Alex :)

  • Busy Birthday Week!

    This is a long overdue birthday week catch up from me, a few weeks late but here is a quick catchup.

    I popped down to Suffolk  to do some sketchbook work. The weather was perfect for having a stroll around the countryside gathering inspiration for new pieces!

    Sketching away in the garden in Suffolk

    I then judged the Weston Beamor prize at New Designers. Any prospective art student should go and visit the show every year. Art schools from across the UK get together to showcase the very best their students have to offer. It was very inspiring to see such a high standard of work and the students so enthusiastic about the future. Very inspiring (I popped back on the weekend with kids, it was that brilliant). We awarded  Hamish Dobbie from Glasgow school of Art first prize.



    Of the course soon it was the BIG day. Turning *cough* I took the day off work and went cycling in Kent with Denise, then headed to the glorious Goring Hotel for dinner with friends in one of their fantastic private rooms. Lucky me!




    To end the week, we had a big party for my birthday down in Suffolk. A lovely blog post will be up soon.

    Oh and I must mention our lovely new window display at our boutique .



  • Hot off the press!

    We’ve got some very exciting news from Alex Monroe HQ this afternoon.

    On top of designing his next collection ‘Banquet’ and celebrating his 25th Anniversary of designing and making jewellery, Alex has somehow managed to find the time to write a book!

    Alex Writing Two Turtle Doves

    ‘Two Turtle Doves, A Memoir of Making Things’, by Alex Monroe will be released in March 2014.

    The book will be published by Bloomsbury.

    You can read a short summary of the book here, and we’ll also be updating that page with more information as we approach the release date.

    Two Turtle Doves


    Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter and ‘Like’ our Facebook page to be first to receive future updates for the book and other goings on at Alex Monroe.

  • They’ve gone mad in the workshop…

    I think they have finally gone mad in the workshop.

    Mayo sent me this picture. Looks like our little rabbit has been practising for the Olympics. Either that or they’ve got too much time on their hands over there (or, of course, we have sent them round the bend with too much work!)

    Anyway, I love the photo. Thanks Mayo!

    Alex ;-)


  • Looking good

    Phew. Seven of us had difficulties with the stairs on Monday morning. Our 10k run was great fun, we all enjoyed it. But I for one felt a teeny twinge climbing the stairs here at A.M. HQ. I didn’t get loads of pics because I left my phone at home, but here’s a few. We found ourselves next to an A.M. customer, turned out she never takes her necklace off so why not run in it? Here’s  Tamlyn as we prepare to set off…

    A feather necklace spotted on Tamlyn just before the run

    And some of team AM just before the start

    Denise, Nazan, Alex, Julia, Harriet.

    Alex, Amina, Denise

    Me? Just over an hour. That’s OK for an old boy isn’t it? Here I am looking decidedly not good!

    Alex puffing along

    I think we will have raised about £4000 for Fight for Sight. Big thanks to everybody!

    I gave a talk at Holts Academy. What a lovely audience, a real variety and all ages. It was great fun and nobody fell asleep! It’s a great place to learn about Jewellery. Really good courses.

    Alex giving his talk at Holts

    Then off to judge the awards for New Designers. I love this show. It’s really worth checking out next year.

    Judging at New Designers

    And my old friends from Tokyo came to town. The gang from Antipast (best socks in the world). They always look after me when I’m in Japan so it was a good opportunity for me to say thanks. A tour of both workshops and lunch at the Garrison round the corner.

    The Antipast crew

    Our last ever Summer fair at Dog Kennel Hill Primary School. My youngest Libby played steel pans. I’ll really miss it. She’s off to secondary school next year!

    Libby playing the steel pans

    Last night I was in Liberty doing a Meet-and-greet, then on to the Grosvenor for the Jewellery Awards, which I judged a while ago. I wore a suit! No photos though… although someone said there was something on Twitter?

    As I said… Phew.

  • Our charity run and a bit of news…

    Hi All,

    It’s our Team A.M. charity run on Sunday, the British 10k. Seven of us (Me ((Alex)), Denise, Frieda, Tom, Sarah, Amina and Nazan) are running to raise money for Fight for Sight. They do lots of work researching into blindness. You may remember I raised money for them on my LeJog (Big cycling trip) two years ago.

    Anyway, we have raised £3680.00 so far! Denise did a jewellery sale at the week-end in Camberwell so thanks to everyone who came and bought and helped etc. More money to come I’m sure. Anyone who fancies chipping in a few quid here’s our Just Giving site;

    As per usual, we’ve been really busy so I haven’t posted a blog for far too long. So much has happened I hardly know where to start! Japan I suppose…

    … ah, Japan. The food! It was a fairly busy schedule as usual, three trunk shows this time, two in Tokyo and then one in HP’s  Goldie store in Hakata. I had to stay over so HP (HP are my distributors in Japan)  offered to put me up in a hotel. But I’ve always wanted to be James Bond in You Only Live Twice so I google-mapped a tiny island in the Sea of Japan called Oshima. Mayo helped me and we found a fisherman who would put us up. The underground, trains, buses, a walk, a ferry, and another walk and we were there. Oshima was beautiful, we hired a couple of bicycles and explored. I was very sorry to have less than 24 hours there, but I hope I’ll go back with the kids some day. The best thing? Getting out into proper countryside on a bike… and the food. I ate Blowfish which was a first. And without it killing me which was a bonus.

    Supper in Oshima... fish!

    Fantasy Island

    Terrible monsters in Hakata

    Blowfish (or Fugu in Japanese) It has to be prepared properly or it can kill you! Yummy!


    Me cycling in Oshima

    A proper bit of forest

    Then back to the workshop. No rest. I had to make some new samples for a Christmas project. Luckily it was Faith’s birthday so the cake flowed… (can cake flow? Well, you know what I mean).

    Faith's birthday at Iliffe yard

    More soon, Alex.

  • The Shrimp necklace at The Goring Hotel!

    This May will see two fellow stalwarts of Englishness come together to celebrate the quintessential afternoon tea – with a shrimpy twist.

    The Goring Shrimp!

    The Goring, the only 5 star hotel in London that is still owned and run by the family that built it, and celebrated British jewellery designer Alex Monroe – whose famous Bumble Bee pendent has hung on the necks of the most discerning fashionistas, have collaborated to create an exclusive necklace. The Goring Shrimp, accompanies a special Alex Monroe inspired, afternoon tea at The Goring.

    Making and sketching the original

    The Goring Shrimp pays homage to Alex’s whimsical childhood memories of the perfect afternoon tea,
    “As a little boy I would run wild in the Suffolk countryside accompanied by my brothers and a dog called Sheba and buy huge bags of shrimp from the fishermen and sail them home for tea which consisted of a huge pot of tea and crusty white bread smothered with cool butter. These teas would last all afternoon until the sun sank below the high walls. So The Goring Shrimp will always remind me of Spring afternoons lazing in the walled garden at the Old Parsonage. And of drinking tea of course.
    The Goring shrimp is a very likeable little chap; there is a great sense of fun about him and a tiny touch of nostalgia. I almost feel guilty that my mouth waters when I see him!”


    Exclusive to The Goring, the quirky yet charming shrimp with its own chain (together priced at £165) is hand made by Alex in Silver and plated with Rose Gold – and even has irresistible little eyes made from two black pearls. The Goring Shrimp is set to be one of the most coveted pieces for jewellery lovers this Spring. It will be available to purchase exclusively at The Goring alongside the Alex Monroe Afternoon Tea, for the month of May 2012.

    “The Shrimp necklace will be delivered to the tea table in a special box by your waiter a quintessentially English surprise. How could anyone fail to be charmed and delighted by that?” says David Morgan Hewitt, Managing Director of The Goring.

    Alex Monroe Afternoon Tea, including The Goring Shrimp necklace, is priced at £195pp and afternoon tea without The Goring Shrimp is £35pp.

    Alex Monroe Afternoon Tea will be available from 1st May 2012.

    Afternoon Tea at the Goring is served daily from 3.30pm – 4.30pm in the sunny Terrace overlooking the gardens, or in the warm and inviting Lounge.

    To book please call +44 (0) 20 7396 9000