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  • Star spangled update!

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    Lots going on here at AMHQ as always, we have our third ‘An Evening with….’ event tonight and last weekend saw something of a roadblock at our bi-annual Iliffe Yard sample sale!

    Check out that queue.....!

    Some crazy Twitter action had led to a much bigger turnout than we expected, so thank you to everyone who came, and for your patience.

    We often get asked if we can tell people what will be in the sale, or if customers can purchase over the telephone, or even if we can do the sale on-line…..  We like to pride ourselves on being a ‘yes’ kinda company, but unfortunately the answer to all of those questions is no!!

    Firstly, the pieces are sorted out by different members of the team, so we don’t always know exactly what will be in there…plus we like to remain a little bit mysterious!

    Our strict quality control means that we end up with a quantity of pieces that wee deem to be ‘second’ quality, and this is the bulk of what is sold at our sample sale. Therefore the pieces have to be strictly sold-as-seen, so that customers are fully aware of what they are purchasing.  This of course would not work with mail order or on-line.

    The next sale will be in December, so keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) for details.

    Back in May, we spotted Louise Redknapp wearing our Black Chrysanthemum Stud Earrings to complete her very glamorous BAFTAs look:

    Louise arrives at the BAFTAs.

    And here’s a close up from Louise’s personal Twitter account….

    We love an under-stated touch of glamour….

    And spotted again! Louise wears some small Lily Leaf Stud Earrings from our ‘Summer’s Embrace’ collection in the Wild About Beauty ‘Safari Nights’ campaign. These are not available on our website, so please call our boutique with any enquiries:  o20 3117 0640

    Louise Redknapp in the Summer Wild About Beauty campaign.

    From the other side of the pond, the very cute Australian tv presenter Faustina Agolley has been wearing lots of our pieces on the Australian version of The Voice…..here’s a lovely snap from her Instagram account.

    Faustina with contestant Celia.

    Faustina is also wearing earrings from our ‘Summer’s Embrace’ collection – the Large Curled Lily Leaf Stud Earrings.  Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what a piece of jewellery will look like when it is worn just from a product shot, and these earrings really come alive when they are worn – Faustina looks amazing in them!

    And finally, we love this beautiful shot from the lovely Oh Comely magazine…..

    'Wear this Silver Key Lightly' - they even seem to have named the whole shoot after our bracelet!

    This piece is our Extra Fine Key Bracelet.

    As always, let us know if you spot Alex Monroe jewellery out and about, in a magazine, or on a celeb – it’s always great to hear from you!

    Emma x

  • Alex Monroe Wholesale 2012.

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    If you would like to sell Alex Monroe jewellery in your store, you can get in touch with us any time.  Wholesale orders can be placed all year round, as we produce all of our jewellery in-house in the UK.

    Our wholesale team is made up of myself (Emma) Suzy Alexander and Rainy Hanson, and we are of course always more than happy to help you.  You can arrange an appointment to come and see us at our Snowsfields HQ, or we can guide you through our catalogue over telephone or email.

    In addition to this, we also take part in various trade shows….

    Our next one is Scoop International in London, which takes place 8th – 10th July at the Saatchi Gallery on King’s Road.  We will be showing our full collection, including our most recent ‘Best of British’ and ‘Dream of Me’ stories. If you would like to come and see us at Scoop, click here to apply for a (free) ticket.

    Scoop International.

    We will have brand-new collections again in September, and will be taking appointments to showcase these at our HQ from 14th – 21st September.  Alex will then take the collections off to Paris for Premiere Classe, which is 28th September – 1st October.

    If you are in Germany, you can contact our agents Adamski & Caramia who are based in Dusseldorf. Kristin and Monica and their team exhibit Alex Monroe alongside their other brands at the PREMIUM shows, dates for the up-coming shows are as follows:

    Premium Berlin:   4th – 6th July

    Premium Dusseldorf:   28th – 31st July

    Premium Munich:   11th – 14th August

    If you are further afield, we also have an agent in Australia, Nina Sturgess, who is based in Victoria. Nina is working on her show schedule at the moment, but in the mean time, you can make an appointment to meet with her – click here to drop Nina a line!

    We have a great following in the Australian press thanks to the amazing EGPR, here is a recent feature from the super-cool Russh…..

    Alex Monroe in Russh.

    So a big THANK YOU to everyone we work with for their help and enthusiasm for Alex Monroe!

    As always, just get in touch if we can help with any queries at all……




  • Competitions, Beaches and Movies.

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    Firstly, we would like to say that our thoughts are with one of our newest Australian stockists, Something Different who are in Rockhampton, Queensland – and suffering with terrible floods. We offer our very best wishes to everyone affected by the floods. If you wish to find out more about what’s happening, and the relief fund, just click here.

    January can be a bit of a gloomy month even at the best of times, so here are some things to hopefully cheer you up…..!

    Our Burt’s Bees / BBKA auction before Christmas was great fun, but obviously the Ring could only go to one person – the highest bidder! But now everyone has the chance to own one of these coveted Rings with two on-line competitions running at the moment with both Elle and Glamour. Each Ring will be made to order for the winner, and the prize also comes with a Burt’s Bees Radiance kit.  You have until the end of the month to get clicking!

    With a honey Sapphire and three little Diamonds.....

    With a honey Sapphire and three little Diamonds.....

    We sell our jewellery all over the world, but probably one of our most exotic stockists is Cooper Island Beach Club, which is on one of the gorgeous Virgin Islands. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a sales trip there, but the lovely Louise sent these pics through……

    Look at that little glimpse of sea!

    Look at that little glimpse of sea!

    A selection of the pieces available in this idyllic location....

    A selection of the pieces available in this idyllic location....

    Sigh…….sometimes I think our jewellery has a more exciting life than we do!!

    You may have watched the film ‘Love Actually’ recently (or quickly switched over!) as it’s always on a lot over Christmas, and we always get lots of enquiries whenever it is shown, as Alex is credited with making jewellery for the film. However, we didn’t make the piece that everyone is always after- which is the Necklace that Alan Rickman’s character buys for his mistress – rather than his wife, played by Emma Thompson. We can’t quite work out why everyone wants to buy a replica of a Necklace that causes so much heartache in the film, but you can see it here – with Rowan Atkinson going slightly crazy with his gift-wrapping.

    The Necklace Alex did make, was worn throughout by Martine McCutcheon’s character……

    If you can spot it, it’s a little Gold Heart Locket with a pearl hanging from it.

    For a more current film, we’re all really excited to see ‘The King’s Speech’ – not only because it is having rave reviews from just about everyone, but also because they filmed a scene just around the corner from our studio! We watched how they transformed the street, so it will be great to see it on the big screen.

    Well, it already seems a long time ago, but I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

    Emma x

  • Alex in Australia

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    Would you believe it? I’m in Australia! And it’s blooming far away. Having spent a day or two on planes I’m rather tired, but have had a swim this morning, the sun is shining, and Nina is coming to pick me up any minute so I mustn’t write too long….. ooops. She’s here. Off to lunch. Back soon…

    Just had a lovely drive round Melbourne, and Nina took me for lunch at the famous Stoke House on the beach. Delicious grub, sun shining, I’m definitely here.

    Lunch on the beach

    Lunch on the beach

    Then off to visit a few of our stockists. Chambermaid, a Husk, and Syrup. Just trying to get my bearings. Melbourne is lovely, quite villagey, boutiquey. We ended up in Hampton with the gorgeous Kirsty at Syrup. She was lovely, the shop was lovely, quite destination, a little way out of town along the beach road. I love Melbourne!



    Supper at Nina and Mac’s (Mac is a wine man so I’ve landed on my feet there!). Chargrilled fresh broad beans out of their pods with a bottle of rose, and delicious lamb and asparagus with one of Mac’s reds. Dee-lish-ous……

    Back to my Kooky hotel for sleeeeeeeeeep.

    More soon, (look out for our trunk show at Morrison in Chadstone on Thursday)


  • Friday Update!

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    Hi there,

    In the last couple of weeks we have sent out so much stock….. here’s a quick update for all of you who are heading out shopping this weekend….

    In London Madeleine Hamilton, EcOne, Cerise and Indian Summer should be fully stocked.  Liberty will soon have our new ‘Tumbleleaf’ collection and a new selection of ‘Posy’ pieces in stock (in about a week I think) and Little 15 in the City have a fantastic range of pieces.

    Around the UK, check out our new stockist in East Molesey – Hersey Jewellers. Marmalade in Hertford, The Hambledon in Winchester and Plum in Twickenham all have new stock. Also check out Whistles stores nationwide for brand new pieces….

    Over in Germany, we have delivered to LaLa and Konk in Berlin, Julies in Munich and Heckmann in Darmstadt.

    We’ve also sent lovely pieces to Vestibule in Zurich and Bon Bons in Tokyo.

    Alex is off Down Under on Sunday, which we’re all very jealous of! They’ll be lots of excitement in the form of Trunk Shows and Press launches (watch this space!) so ahead of his arrival we have sent deliveries out to: Husk, Morrsion, Wax Jambu, and new stockist Stem.

    In case anyone wondered where we had our cocktails the other week, here’s a little clue…..

    What to have....?!

    What to have....?!

    And here’s the full gang of us girls…..Alex decided to leave us to it!

    Suzy A, Emma, Freda, Rakhi & Yoko

    Suzy A, Emma, Freda, Rakhi & Yoko.

    Mayo, Susie, Ulrikke & April.

    Mayo, Susie, Ulrikke & April.

    Have a great weekend!   Emma x

  • Delivery Update!

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    Wow, another busy week here at AMHQ, and looking back over the last month, it seems like the Christmas rush already – we’ve sent out so many orders!

    So, for everyone looking for their nearest fully-stocked Alex Monroe stockist, why not try one of these……?!

    In London:  J&C Martin, Charles Fish (and now stocked in their ‘Fish Brothers’ shop in Chelmsford too) Little 15, Cerise, KJ’s Laundry, Liberty, Indian Summer, Sefton and Powder.

    Around the UK:  Norris of Beaulieu, Bloomsbury in Bath and Bristol, Berry Red – Hereford, Polkadot in their Exeter and Taunton shops, Twickel House, Much Wenlock – Shropshire, Benna Harry at Kirsty Doyle – Liverpool, Fenwick Newcastle, Arcadia in Cambridge, The Golden Sheaf, Narberth – Pembrokeshire, Enibas in Schull – West Cork and brand new stockist Seasons in Sheffield.

    You can also check out John Lewis and Whistles stores around the UK, and Net-A-Porter have some great pieces too.

    Worldwide, we now have lots more stockists in Germany, which is great….Amorph in Berlin, Catwalk in Hildesheim, Ichwareindirndl in Frankfurt, and Koesters in Munster.

    And we also sent lovely pieces to:  Moochinside, Hardy’s Bay – Australia, Vale Novak, Ljubljana – Slovenia, and Coincidence in Tokyo.

    And we spotted another celebrity wearing Alex Monroe! Up and coming Brit actress Carey Mulligan in wearing our Swallow & Sapphire Necklace in this month’s Elle……

    Carey Mulligan in Elle

    Right, that’s it for now…..all of us girls are off for some well-earned cocktails! x

  • Catching my breath, from Alex

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    Phew! Time to catch my breath!
    It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind this autumn. London fashion week, the sale afterwards, then over to Paris, and preparing for our exhibition in Tokyo!
    We made a lovely selection of new pieces and fed-exed them off to Japan on Monday, so I managed to take a little breather and thought I’d catch up with my blog….
    We had a brilliant London show! (or should I say Emma did). I hated the venue so got in a bad mood so Emma sent me packing and left on her own she did better than ever! I’m sure she’ll update her blog and give you all the news.
    After the trade show we opened to the public and had an amazingly busy sale.

    But….I do feel bad because I sent out an invitation and didn’t mention the entrance fee, so a few people were disappointed. Apologies all.

    But don’t worry, our studio sale will be better than ever this year. No entrance charges here! (first weekend in December, will give you all the info soon).
    So then we took the show over to Paris, where we do our export business. We do Premiere Classe, it’s such a great show. The show looked great with a new layout and was really busy again. Lots of Japanese and European orders.

    Our stand at Premiere Classe

    Our stand at Premiere Classe

    A little treat from the organizers

    A little treat from the organizers

    One of my favourite things about Paris (apart from the show) is the food. I rented a gorgeous apartment from Hiromi (check out her web-site) and she recommended her favourite restaurants.

    Hiromi and Emma in the appartment

    Hiromi and Emma in the appartment

    A local is this Michelin starred Japanese place with a French influence. Yummy! The head chef is a Japanese man from London so handy if your Japanese is a bit rusty! www.yanase.fr

    mmmmm. sashimi

    mmmmm. sashimi

    But no time to rest, back on Eurostar and we all got on with preparing the samples for our show in Tokyo. They looked fab. Sorry though, you’ll have to wait a bit to see them here!

    Anyway, all done and shipped so now onto the next thing. I’m off to Australia in November! I’m doing a whistle-stop tour of our shops down under. Very exciting. Will tell you all about it soon!
    Back soon

  • New Stockists and Deliveries…..


    We’ve all been so busy recently there hasn’t been much time to update you on where you can get you hands on the jewellery, so here we go!

    Excitingly, Alex Monroe pieces are going to be much more readily available around the UK thanks to John Lewis….we have launched with everyone’s favourite department store in four locations, which means that our jewellery is now available in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Cheadle and Bluewater.

    John Lewis are updating their image, and it looks like they’re really going to town….check out the Bluewater jewellery department below:

    John Lewis, Bluewater.

    John Lewis, Bluewater.

    Of course, we still love selling to cute little boutiques too, fans in the West Country should head to Qetty Bang Bang, who recently opened in Tetbury – I can’t wait to visit when I’m back visiting my Mum & Dad!

    Another new stockist is The Hambledon Gallery in Blandford, Dorset. We already sell to The Hambledon in Winchester, but the Gallery is the ‘Mother’ shop – both look like they have a gorgeous range of products – and I’m not just talking about Alex Monroe!!

    But just to update you, other deliveries we’ve made in the last few weeks are, in London: Charles Fish, EcOne, Matches and Mitsukoshi.

    And around the UK: Jason Charles, Pearl & Queenie and Ruby & Tallulah.

    Overseas, we’ve covered quite a few continents: Masscob in Spain….Cord Three, Lisette and Tomorrowland in Japan….Herta and Kit of Elsinore in Sweden….Syrup, Quincy and mico-mico.com in Australia….and, last but not least Creme in Bahrain.

    For customers in desperate need of a Bumblebee, head to Fenwick or Fortnum & Mason in London, Silverado in Brighton and Chapmans in Durham.  Better be quick though, we’ve only sent them in the last couple of days and they never last long!!

    For further details on any of the shops mentioned, just check our ‘Stockists’ page.

    Bye for now, Emma x

  • Summer at Alex Monroe….


    Just like this year’s weather (and let’s face it, every year’s weather!) summertime at Alex Monroe is unpredictable…..

    We’ve been madly busy in what is usually a quiet time of year – but we can’t complain!

    Loads of deliveries have gone out, but I haven’t had chance to post an update….we have lots of new stockists all over the world….In Australia we’ve just delivered to Turner & Lane and Ruiz & Mackell Wong, and of course, we’ve sent lots of lovely pieces to HP France in Japan……Check our stockists page, as it should now be fully updated!

    In the last week or so we’ve sent stock to Enibas in Cork, Bowns in Cambridge, Amelie in Berkhamsted, Fenwick in Newcastle and Silverado in Brighton. And new stockist Mrs Jones in Holt.

    Not forgetting Liberty, Sefton and Fortnum & Mason in London.

    Palm House Lockets, opening to reveal an Orchid.

    You can also now check out Alex’s gorgeous Palm House Lockets at Kew Gardens, which he designed exclusively for them…..

    More exciting news is that we keep spotting Sienna Miller wearing Alex Monroe!! She’s on a worldwide tour promoting GI Joe and here she is in New York wearing our Bumblebee and Clover Necklaces, plus I think I spy a couple of Rings too!

    Sienna in Alex Monroe!

    Finally, I wanted to tell you about another great blog…..Bargainista Fashionista

    It’s by the lovely Susie who works at Elle Magazine, and she writes about all of her fabulous fashion bargains – I’m very jealous of some, infact most of them! Check it out……there’s lots of great pics too.

    Think that’s it for now…..don’t forget to let us know your news too!

    Emma x

  • Lovely Sophie….

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    Everyone seems to be going Bee-crazy again……maybe it’s something to do with a certain Miss Dahl wearing one on the cover of this months Red…..?

    It’s looking set to be a gorgeous weekend, but if you do decide to hit the shops, here’s who we’ve sent deliveries to in the last 2 weeks:

    In London, new stockist Madeleine Hamilton, and the lovely Indian Summer and Sisters & Daughters.

    Around the UK, check out Polkadot in Exeter and Taunton, Fenwick in Canterbury and Silverado in Brighton – who will have the Clover collection for those of you who have been asking for it!

    Also, Whistles stores around the country should now have the Baby Bumblebee back in stock.

    A little further away, I’ve just sent some gorgeous new pieces to Fields in Dublin, then there’s Konk in Berlin, Sara Gies in Antwerp, Kim & Maki in New York and all the way down under, Husk and Bessie Head!!

    It’s amazing how far our jewellery travels – we had a lovely email from a lady called Lori in the U.S who writes a jewellery blog.  Her son brought her a souvenir back from Japan……an Alex Monroe necklace!!

    Check out the story here: http://www.jewelhistory.com/

    Have a great weekend! Emma x