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  • What we’ve been up to…

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    It’s been ages since I did a blog!
    I keep meaning to, but always seem to find something else to do.
    So here’s a catch-up… what have we been up to since… when? (oops, just checked, the last time we blogged was February when Susie and April went to Germany!)…
    Here goes in quick;
    At half term I went to Barbados (good friends lent me their house!). We had a wonderful time of course.

    Here's me and the girls in Barbados at St Nicholas Abbey

    (St Nicholas Abbey is my fave place on the island)
    While I was sunning myself in the Caribbean my Mum went to visit my brother in Costa Rica. That’s where I’m going next year. It sounds fab. Younger bro. Tom runs a bar called Chillerz in Tamarindo. Beautiful.

    Mum and brother in Costa Rica

    Then it was time for the Paris shows. We did a great display at the show…

    Paris exhibition

    Lots of customers!

    … which was as busy as ever.

    Great grub at Kigawa

    And of course, great grub, here’s a dish at Kigawa. Perfect French food cooked by a Japanese chef! Well worth a visit if you’re in town, but it’s small so be sure to book.
    and I found this brilliant hat on the Stephen Jones stand. Perfect!

    Nice hat!

    Having worked with the Goring on our fab Shrimp Tea (served during May) I stayed for a night, and it really is the most wonderful hotel. I must admit, I’m not usually a hotel sort of a person, but the Goring is a whole nother cup of tea. Champagne waiting in the suite, supper in the restaurant… and a tv in the bath! Perfect.

    ... our sitting room.

    Just a little detail but it sums them up, the light switch has these great settings… I loved the ‘Oooh’ setting best!

    The best light switch in the world!

    We’ve been working on our bespoke and precious jewellery. Look at this gorgeous Amethyst ring we made.

    A new Amethyst ring

    And these pretty champagne-brown diamonds we found in Antwerp. Can’t wait to set them set!

    Champagne/browny diamonds

    Easter in Suffolk as usual (wonderful weather and lots of it!) I’ve been training for our big run in July. Seven of us are doing the London 10k to raise money for Fight for sight. More about that later though…

    The view on my run in Suffolk

    My youngest Libby’s new fave thing to do is climbing trees! I used to love that.

    Libby climbing a chestnut tree

    And back at the ranch I was busy delivering boxes of boxes for Amina in dispatch. I knew my French postman’s bike would come in handy!

    They're working me too hard! Those boxes are heavy!

    Back sooner I promise!

  • Very naughty….

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    Must come clean, I’ve been a bit naughty. For 24 years I’ve diligently worked the shows, less so in recent years because Emma does a much better job than I…… but this year my lovely neighbours weren’t going to their house in Barbados this half term, so I bravely stepped up and offered to go for them. Denise found excellent cheap tickets, so that was that. Except she had booked the wrong month so changes were swiftly made. BA were great, but I had to get back for Paris Fashion Week, and the girls couldn’t get a flight until today. So I only got four days there. But who cares. four days is loads better than none, and what an amazing place it is! Check it out, it’s called Little Good Harbour and it’s lovely. It’s up North a bit, on the Caribbean side, by a couple of little villages where the locals fish and have ‘fry-ups’ by the beach. We stated in theĀ  loveliest of the apartments, Frog Choir, and ate in the gorgeous Fish Pot restaurant just across a quite road, sitting overlooking the sea.

    Barbados I love. We had a magical time. But it’s back to reality now, off to Paris for the shows tomorrow, got the walk the dog….. it’s freezing!

    The Terrace at Frog Choir

    Snorkelling at Folkstone

    Empty beaches at Little Good Harbour