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A message from Alex Monroe & the team


Dear Customers, Fans, Friends and Followers,


We’ve tried our best to put it off for as long as we can. But we can’t hold off the inevitable any more.

I think it’s been a good five years since we last had any price increases, but recent events have had a real impact on the  finance side of the business. We’re left with no choice but to increase some of our prices.

After the European Union membership referendum gold and silver prices soared to an all time high, and the pound fell. Our suppliers immediately responded with significant price increases and so our costs have increased hugely. We had hoped that things would even out over time but unfortunately this hasn’t happened.

We’ve tried to keep price increases to a minimum. Of course, there’s no way we’re prepared to compromise on quality, craftsmanship or customer service so we’re definitely not going to cut any corners.

I’m really sorry if anyone in disappointed. This year we have lots of exciting new designs, lots of fun events and collaborations too. I hope that all the fun things we have coming up will more than compensate.

I really look forward to meeting and talking to you in the coming year. As usual, any feedback much appreciated!

Warmest regards,


A bit more info

The decision to re-evaluate our prices wasn't an easy one. When it became clear that we needed to increase them so as to not compromise on quality and allow us to keep designing and hand making jewellery, we knew immediately that we wanted to be as open and honest about the change as possible.

So with this in mind we'd like to give you, our customers, advanced notice before the price increase will come into place. This will happen on Thursday 1st February, when our new prices will be set across our website and boutique.

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