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Hi Everyone
And Happy Christmas! Not long to go now. And I think we’re going to have to put a stop to internet orders in a day or so, we’ve been so busy!
There has been so much to blog, but Emma wanted to keep the blog free for news about the sales we were doing on the run up to Christmas, so this is the first chance I’ve had to catch up. What have we been up to…?
Well, there’s the rest of my trip to Australia, which seems like a distant memory now I’m freezing my butt off in Kennington. Anyway, it was all fab. Where did I leave off? Oh yes, Melbourne.

It's a hard life but someone's got to do it.... me with the girls in Chadstone

Me with the girls in Chadstone

We did a great trunk show in Morrison in Chadstone, then I wizzed off to Sydney where I met my friend Mike at the airport. He kindly offered to put me up, so he flew in from London, me from Melbourne and we were met by his wife Lisa and whisked off to a little patch of paradise in the Northern beaches. I had the cabin at the end of the garden and was gently woken each morning by the parrots and kookaburras in the trees.

Mikes cabin

Mikes Cabin

The beach is a few hundred yards away but the pool was right there so I completely relaxed into it all. And Mike’s kids were lovely (must get them to meet mine and some of it might wear off!) Rachel and Maggie. They devised a dangerous and difficult challenge called 'The 5 beach challenge'. Our task was to swim, play and relax in all five of the best beaches in the area in a single day. It was hard but we did it. I was presented with a certificate to prove my achievement which now hangs on my kitchen wall. Thanks to the Bullen family, I had a most fantastic time!

5 beach challenge

5 beach challenge

By the way, I texted this pic to Denise in the UK and she bounced me back a snap of her and Susie surrounded by celebs at the Emeralds and Ivy Ball. We donated a fab necklace for Yvonne Keating to wear, which was auctioned off and raised loads of money for Cancer research.

Then Sydney for our massive press party in the Ivy Sunrooms. A great success thanks to all. Then more trunk shows, shop visiting etc (but we still had to lunch didn’t we?)

The Ivy Sunroom Press reception, all ready...

The Ivy Sunroom Press reception, all ready...

For the last bit I rented a little apartment in Bondi. My morning run was round the point to Tamarama and back, a swim, a coffee and off to work. That’s me almost Native!

Bondi to Tamarama run

Bondi to Tamarama run

Anyway, it does me no good to dwell on the beautiful sunshine and great food and sand and… enough already. Back to England it is.
The first thing I did when I got back was to rush to the ceremony at Goldsmith’s Hall where they made me a Freeman of the City! Make the most of this, you won’t see me in a suit too often!

I am a free man! The Freeman ceremony at Goldsmith's Hall.

I am a free man! The Freeman ceremony at Goldsmith

Then we were into Trunk show/ Christmas sales territory proper. Actually, while I was away Susie and Emma already got things going. A mad busy sale by Susie L. for the girls at Vogue House, they nearly bought everything we had! Thanks girls. Then a super trunk show at Liberty where we also previewed A/W 2010 ‘The peacock and the crow’ collection, (all sold out on day one I’m afraid!) and a great collection of one off exclusive pieces. Silverado in Brighton by Suzy A. Cerise with Emma. Studio sale here at AMHQ, my brother’s church fundraiser and I think that’s it! I’ll be glad to get a week-end off.
Oh yes, while I was gone a film crew was shooting in our yard, they made it look so cute! Helena BC, Colin Firth and the gang were out in force.

Our lovely yard in the movies!

Our lovely yard in the movies!

And Emma has done a facebook page for us, (I’m not really a facebook sort of chap but trying to keep up I promise) Check it out here

Just to give you an idea of how mental it’s been here at Alex Monroe HQ I took this snap of the daily post run. I think our daily record is about 7 sacks full!

Piles of Post!

Piles of Post! A dash to catch the postman!

Here's a nice e-mail from Jamila who I met at our studio sale. Aw. Lovely.

Dear Alex
I came by the studio today and bought two beautiful rings - I'm not sure if you remember me - i bought the buttercup ring for my sister as a wedding present. I just wanted to say it was very nice to meet you and see the face behind the name. Your designs are truly original and are just beautiful - i keep admiring my bird ring whilst i type this email!
Keep up the good work, thanks again

That's it for now, back to work for me.


2 thoughts on “A quick update from Alex”

  • Jo

    Hi from the sunny shores of Australia,

    A big thank you Alex from everyone at Morrison. The girls loved hosting you at Chadstone and Janey adored the Ivy...thank you!

    We wish you a truly wonderful albiet cold Christmas and look forward to you visiting again soon.
    Jo x

  • amonroe

    Thanks Jo,
    See you again soon I hope!
    Happy Christmas,

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