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As Western Europe's tallest building officially opens to the public today we wanted to share the (rather grey) view from up there with you.
Tom and I were very lucky to be given two exclusive preview tickets to visit the View From The Shard back on 11th January.

Tom and Jutta with their preview tickets to The Shard

big smiles!

It was a very grey and overcast January day, but we were nevertheless both ultra-excited to be amongst the first visitors onto the two viewing platforms located on floors 69 and 72 which by the way is partially open and exposed to the elements with sounds of the city around you.

It was chilly up there!!!

Our Head Quarters and Boutique is just a stone's throw from The Shard and of course first thing as we got to the top, was to locate our beautiful building and wave to our colleague's who were down below working away as we had fun.
Ha ha ha !!!

Alex Monroe HQ as seen from the top of The Shard

Can you spot the Alex Monroe Building on Snowsfields?

I know everybody is moaning about the steep entry fee for The View From The Shard, but we can really wholeheartedly recommend the experience.
Why not make it a whole day out in the London Bridge area and visit the Alex Monroe Boutique, then have lunch on Bermondsey Street or Borough Market followed by a stroll down the river to Tower Bridge or all the way to Tate Modern?

Tower Bridge - told you it was a grey day.

We'll certainly be going back up there. Perhaps on a nice clear Summer's evening next...

Evening Shard


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