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Over the years Alex has been fortunate enough to collaborate with some of the UK's most iconic establishments and a wide range of brands. Some of which, I'm sure you'll be surprised to learn of!

Alex Monroe for the The V&A 

In 2008 Alex was approached by the iconic V&A museum to produce a piece of jewellery to be sold in the V&A store. Alex knew he wanted explore the relationship between Prince Albert and Queen Victoria for the final piece and a chance meeting with a relatively obscure portrait of Queen Victoria at St James' palace provided just the inspiration he was looking for.

'I was having lunch at St. James' palace and at the end of the room was the most radiant portrait of Queen Victoria, commissioned a few days after Albert had proposed to her. She was wearing the most ornate locket and to my delight the actual locket she was wearing was on display on the mantlepiece. I took that as my cue to create just as elaborate a piece for the V&A.

The parrot inside the locket, is a sort of metaphor for Queen Victoria after the death of Prince Albert, the imprisonment and almost continuous mourning she was in for the love of her life, that was Albert. I didn't want it to be unhappy because the portrait that inspired the piece I think is one of the few of her looking happy, so I wanted to do her and her love for Prince Albert justice by adorning the parrot with bright, colourful stones'. - Alex Monroe

Alex Monroe for Coco De Mer

Unafraid of a challenge, Alex found himself in an unusual position of being asked to design a pair of nipple clamps for Coco De Mer.

'I must say it was quite an intimidating experience but I love the idea of my designs transcending boundaries and making their way into the more niche and unusual markets. The idea of making sensual jewellery, really appealed to me. I made several pieces for Coco De Mer with the nipple clamps definitely being the most challenging'. - Alex Monroe

Alex Monroe for The Foundling Museum

In 2003 Alex contributed to an exhibition at The Foundling Museum entitled 'Fate, Hope & Charity'. Alex created a combination lock with tumblers coded with a hidden message. The hidden message of love.

'I was really fascinated and drawn to the symbolism of the bond parents of abandoned children would try and maintain with their child through these little trinkets and tokens. In some instances it would be half a coin with the parent retaining one half and the child the other half, in the hope of being reunited. It's a physical manifestation of the intangible; love'. - Alex Monroe

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