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Hi All,

I'm really excited to announce my Exhibition at Penhaligon's! I'm showing a BRAND NEW collection of Jewellery, and launching a little book I've written!

Here's the info....


An exhibition of Jewellery based on the story "The Gardener" by Alex Monroe and illustrated by Katharine Nicholls
At PENHALIGON'S Covent Garden, 41 Wellington Street Covent Garden London WC2E 7BN
From 11th to 18th July 2009

Alex has written an enchanting story of a young girl, who one summer happens across and an allotment and an elderly gardener. The encounter would shape her life. The story is beautifully illustrated by Katherine Nicholls, and the book will be available at Penhaligon's during the exhibition.
Inside Penhaligon's, Alex creates a magical natural world, and displays a special exhibition of jewellery based on the story.
Come and join Alex on the allotment, for stories, jewellery and gardening!

Alex has long been a keen gardener, and keeps an allotment in Dulwich, to where he retreats with his daughters to potter away, sit and eat strawberries and escape the chaos of everyday life. The idea for his book came after chatting to friends at Paris Fashion Week, and swapping allotment tips, as you do. The book imagines a solitary, thoughtful little girl who discovers the delights and secrets of city gardening.
Ants scurry about their business. Bees buzz and the breeze gently sways the apple branches. But the high garden fences cannot keep tragedy away and she soon discovers a sadness coupled with the new future opening before her.

Alex has created a delightful and surprising collection of jewellery, displayed in it's own secret garden. In a reflection of the dreaminess of the story, ants and bees and dragonflies nestle amongst the plants and flowers. A large, smooth apple locket opens to reveal it own special secret......

"......if little Emmy had been able to look up (impossible if you're careering down a narrow path, of course), but if she had looked up, she would have seen an apple.
The very apple that is really the start of this story........... "

Alex Monroe exhibition invitation

Alex Monroe exhibition invitation

It would be lovely to see you there, and hear your comments.

Do come along if you can make it.



4 thoughts on “Alex Monroe exhibition at Penhaligon's”


    Aah, Dulwich - that's where I live. You did well to get one of the allotments! I am not surprised you get inspiration here: all the missing bees seem to be hiding out in this area.

  • Emma

    I was so upset to see I had missed the exhibition! Will you be exhibiting the collection anywhere else?

  • amonroe

    Hi Emma,
    Afraid not. We'll be showing it in Sept/Oct for shops to buy as Spring Summer 2010. So it should be in the shops early next year. But we might do a preview of a few pieces on the web-site later this year.

  • amonroe

    Hi Anoushka,
    I was really lucky with the allotment. A friend was unable to look after the whole thing so I'm doing a share (much more manageable)
    We've been scoffing on artichokes and broad beans for weeks!
    And we put in plenty of flowers for the bees etc.
    Asparagus next year!

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