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Alex's 'Spring' Story


Where have all the years gone! I must have been having fun because time has flown.

This year is our 30th anniversary and that must have been in my mind while I was designing the new collection. When I looked back over the years there are several themes which I’ve continuously explored, and I wanted to make a collection which referenced them.

As it turned out, when we laid out all the shiny new pieces, I recognised four clear themes, and they fitted loosely into the four seasons… hence the name for this collection!

Springtime explores my obsession with bees and flowers and that wonderful bursting-into-life feeling you get on a beautiful spring day. I’ve loved mixing gold and silver and giving the pieces a fresh burst of life.

I hope these pieces are wearable all year round, but every one reminds me of drawing and collecting and foraging in the countryside on a gorgeous spring day.


Four Seasons

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