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An Anniversary to Remember


It was one of those moments in life where you wonder how you ended up in this situation. 

I was having a laugh with Princess Anne, trying to unveil a plaque celebrating her visit to our new workshop, and our 30th Anniversary, but she was supposed to do the unveiling so we both did it! Oops. And this was in front of all our special guests; Vogue and the BBC, buyers from China and America, suppliers and customers, the British Fashion Council and Goldsmith’s Hall...

Her Royal Highness was gracious to the end, she forgave my blunderings and put us all at ease. By way of thanks and to mark the occasion we gave her a lovely brooch. Then, as she began to depart, her Lady in waiting commented very wisely that the party always really started once they left! And so it did.

Monroe Mumbles

Royal Jubilee Carriage

Hear about Alex's inspiration for his latest collaboration with Buckingham Palace and in particular how he made the infamous
Jubilee carriage necklace.

Our second wave of guests (actors, journalists, friends and colleagues) arrived and corks were popped. It was a long day and a late night, but what a wonderful way for us all to get together and celebrate thirty years of jewellery making, and the move into our wonderful new workshops near Tower Bridge.

Frances Quinn made some wonderful cakes for us. Editors chatted to bench-workers and everyone got a wonderful tour of the building with demonstrations and explanations about how all the jewellery is made. Everyone commented on how informative and enthusiastic the team are here, and then I realised why the time has gone so quickly. Because it’s been so enjoyable.

"It was a long day and a late night.
But what a wonderful way for
us all to get together and celebrate
thirty years of jewellery making."

2 thoughts on “An Anniversary to Remember”

  • Stephanie Milanowski

    I received a mailing from Thistle & Bess and learned of your
    MAGNIFICENT WORK!! I cannot wait to see it in person~as an artist
    I loved reading and seeing your creative process. I too LOVE to draw from
    I look for are to seeing you work! All the best to you and your creative team!
    Stephanie Milanowski

    • Josh Carlisle

      Hi there Stephanie, thankyou so much for your lovely comment! We hope our jewellery has as big an impact in person and please, if you travel to London come and say hello at our Boutique!

      Best wishes,
      the AM team

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