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A Guide to Champagne Diamonds


Written by Susie Ekeland, Bespoke & Goldcrest Manager.

Last month we hosted our very first Champagne Diamond evening. We opened the doors of the studio to our dear friend and industry expert Ralph Hoffmann. Based in Antwerp, Ralph supplies us with the very best champagne diamonds for our new Plume collection.

From soft champagnes to rich cognacs, brown diamonds are fast becoming a new classic. Their golden tones make them softer, gentler alternatives to white diamonds, and their neutral colour makes them the perfect choice for our delicate feather collection, Plume.


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Brown diamonds are found in South Africa, Siberia and Australia. The champagne diamonds we use come exclusively from the Argyle mine in Australia. Diamonds become brown when they are formed within the earths crust. Great heat and pressure cause their internal crystal lattice to distort, imparting a brown colour. They are completely natural and once removed from the Earth are not treated in any way.

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The strength of colour is one of the most important factors when making your choice of brown diamond. There is a special colour grading chart for brown diamonds.

For our new Plume collection we chose soft C3 colour stones. At our special event, Ralph brought a selection of stunning, rich brown diamonds – some of which had almost red flecks sparkling through them. Quite amazing!

Brown diamonds also look super with coloured stones. Here’s a One of a Kind pair of earrings that combine rich cognac diamonds with vibrant green Tourmalines. Why not commission us to make something unique with your choice of brown diamond?


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The evening's talk was fascinating and it was also so lovely to see everyone who attended getting up for closer looks & asking questions. Then one attendee's follow up tweet really made it all worthwhile!

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