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Hi All,

Just a quickie; It's been a busy old week!.....

1/ I bought an Ice Cream Van (this I will explain in full later, but listen out for the chimes of the AM Ice Cream van in your area soon!)

2/ We were shortlisted for UK Fashion Exporter of the Year so had lunch with Princess Anne and Saint Joanna of Lumley. Practically my new best friends. Luverly they are too.

3/ We've been shortlisted for Jewellery Designer of the Year (Third Year running!) Big congrats to everyone here ;-)

4/ Also shortlisted for UK e-tailer of the year....

5/ Just done a super thing with Sienna Miller. Very nice project, good cause etc. so will post details when we get some pics.

6/ Emma finally turned up after being stranded in the ash cloud in Spain. (can't feel too sorry for her, she was in Seville!)

7/ What else..... ? Can't think. Lunch in Sakura with my brother today (yum). It's Friday and might bunk off early and get an hour in the garden before going out for supper with me ol' mates Liz and Grant... Big training for my bike ride this w/e. Still got sore legs from 'Hill Training' on Thurs. Ah well...

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