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'What do Joanna Lumley, Jodie Kidd, Celia Birtwell and Alex Monroe all have in common..?' (So starts the press release from Burt's Bees for their Celebrity Bee Hive Campaign, with which I am involved).
I could think of a thousand things, but I still can't get over being mentioned in the same sentence as Saint Jo of Lumley! Joanna and me, me and Joanna....
Actually I have met her a few times at posh dos, but only in a star struck imbecile sort of a way.
Anyway, back to the business in hand; if you do get a minute away from Royal Weddings and the like, Burt's Bees are doing an auction of these wonderful bee hives (one of which was designed by yours truely)

Here's my bit; check them out if you get a mo.

Here's a bit more info from the press release.....

Burt’s Bees Join Forces with UK Celebrities to help Save the British Honey Bee
What do Joanna Lumley, Jodie Kidd, Celia Birtwell and Alex Monroe all have in common..? The desire to save the UK’s Honey Bee.
Burt’s Bees has worked closely with the four celebrities who have designed beautiful limited edition bee hives to be auctioned during May (1st-8th May 2011), with all proceeds going to The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) Adopt a Beehive Campaign Programme.
Adopt a Beehive is a fundraising programme run by the BBKA and sponsored by Burt’s Bees. Funds raised fund research into honey bee health, and essential education for beekeepers.

Nature has always been British jewellery designer Alex Monroe’s greatest inspiration and this has been reflected in the poppy field scene he has designed for his hive. Alex’s hive will also be available in the ‘Adopt Me’ section of the BBKA auction website. As with Celia’s hive, the public can adopt this hive and be updated quarterly on its progress as a working hive in Alex’s own private allotment, and they will be sent a jar of honey from the hive itself.
Alex comments: “I think we should give bees a break. These little fellows work so hard for us, making honey and pollinating our food crops. This is about the little guy, buzzing about doing his thing, never complaining and us, the big guys, all take and not much give. Modern farming techniques, pesticides and pollution aren't helping. And they're cute as anything and they make our summer what it should be. What's not to like? I have a hive at home and was keen to get involved with the Burt’s Bee’s Design a Hive Campaign raising money for the British Bee Keeper’s Association. The campaign encourages and educates bee keepers and will help with research in to the health of British honey bees. I hope whoever wins my hive enjoys it as much as I did designing it. Check out (website still to be confirmed) now to bid for my hive online!”

The ‘Buy Me’ and ‘Adopt Me’ hives will go on auction on 1st May 2011 at Bidding will close on 8th May, and the highest bidders will be announced online.
More than just a sweet treat, honey has long been renowned for its health benefits. Naturally anti-inflammatory, a powerful antiseptic, soothing and moisturising it is no surprise that the unique properties of honey should be harnessed for use in a range of products from skin care to natural remedies.
However the hardworking, humble honey bee is under threat. In the US the bee-per-hectare count has fallen nearly 90 per cent since 1961, and in China some crops are now pollinated by hand using feather brushes because there aren’t enough bees to do the job.
Brian Ripley, Chairman of the BBKA said: “The situation isn’t quite this extreme in the UK but we can’t be complacent. Winter is always a hard time for bees; three years ago more than one in three of the UK’s honey bees died. The situation is improving, our bees are getting healthier, but they are still not out of intensive care yet.”
Bees are central to our food supply with one third of all crops relying on pollination. No one knows the exact reason why bees are suffering, but loss of habitat, disease, the use of pesticides and even vehicle emissions could all play a part. What we do know is that the impact of bees on our eco-system is critical and direct action is required to protect our environment.
To help raise money for the protection and conservation of the British honey bee, natural skin care brand Burt’s Bees has teamed up with four celebrities who have designed their very own beehives, which will be auctioned off to make as much money as possible for the BBKA. The four wooden hives were kindly donated by Maisemore Apiaries
For more information on the British Beekeepers Association and how they are helping with the conservation of the British Bee, please visit or

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