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Two Turtle Doves is Coming Out in Paperback!

Two Turtle Doves Paperback
We’re thrilled to announce that Alex’s first book Two Turtle Doves is now available in a new paperback format with a beautiful new cover design.

The book is available to order online and is a fascinating memoir - a heartfelt celebration of creativity, craftsmanship and love.

Order the new paperback from Bloomsbury or Amazon.

Order the hardback directly here.

'A tremendous book'
Edmund de Waal

Two Turtle Doves is the story of a life spent making things. Whether it was go-carts and guns, cross-bows and booby-traps, boats, bikes or scooters. And then, it was jewellery. Alex’s book traces the intimate journey of how an idea is transformed from a fleeting thought into an exquisite piece of jewellery. It is about where we find our creativity and why we make the things we do.

'A charming, whimsical read'
Glamour magazine

It reveals how a small curious boy in the wilds of Suffolk became an internationally famous jewellery designer. Growing up in the 1970s in a crumbling giant of a house - four staircases, sagging greenhouses, and goose-pens on its cracking tennis courts - Alex Monroe was left to wreak havoc by invention. Without visible parental influence, but with sisters to love him and brothers to fight for him, he made nature into his world. Creation became a compulsion.

It explores inspiration, construction and the afterlife of objects. A bride in Sapporo picks out a necklace she will treasure forever. A celebrity gazes from a Vogue cover. Like Alex's jewellery, his story makes unforgettable connections between sensation, memory and the translation of emotion.

Read an excerpt of Two Turtle Doves: A Memoir of Making Things.

'Those expecting a polite, perhaps even genteel stroll through a high-end world of necklaces, earrings,
lockets and so forth will be taken aback….  I imagine its being rediscovered with delight in some dusty
bookcase a century hence and hailed as a classic.

Two Turtle Doves is a good deal more than a memoir. It is difficult to think of a text that better
describes the way in which lived experience is translated by high craftsmanship into art.'
Wynn Wheldon. The Spectator

Throughout his book, Alex discusses the stories behind, and the process of making a number of pieces of his jewellery. You can now explore those pieces in more detail, in our Two Turtle Doves Collection here.

Two Turtle Doves

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