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... and when it comes drink lots of beer!

Well, I did have a glass or two last night..... we had our Crimbo party in Clerkenwell. Emma and I put our feet down, and insisted on Pub, Grub, and Karaoke. And it was brilliant fun. Top female vocals, Frieda. Top double act, Mayo and Miki. Top male vocal, well, that would be immodest. Suffice to say that I had a sore throat this morning. And we have Carols in our road tomorrow. Must be on form for that!

Party season's in full swing, My neighbour's annual feast on Thursday. I sat between Andy Coulsdon (Tory boy spin doctor), Justin Webb (today program), Jeremy Bowen (intrepid war correspondent), I could go on... heart surgeon, QC, etc. etc. It's a good job I can make little flowers in silver or I might have been out of my depth... yummy food and a bottle of port from 1985 oiled the wheels... until I started ranting about those pesky Tories cutting foreign workers and how much we're suffering because I can't employ this fabulous japanese person.... oh no, I'm off again.

Then my brother's party, up in Primrose Hill. Our work's do last night, and we're having a little do tomorrow.... all in all not a bad time of year.

And... And the new building is coming along very nicely! (albeit in a blizzard) We can't wait for it!

At last, things are starting to quieten down here at AMHQ. Our 12 Days project went so amazingly well, we're planning even more fun for next year. But we're pretty much over the Christmas panic here, and everyone has taken to checking train and plane schedules to see if they can get home.

So, all that remains is to say Big Thanks to everyone and HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A FABULOUS NEW YEAR!


One thought on “Christmas comes but once a year....”

  • The Wiltshire Jammer
    The Wiltshire Jammer December 22, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    Well done to you all AMHQ for your efforts in 2010 - a year that proved everybody can go the distance. Looking forward to seeing the Phoenix rise out of the girder work in 2011.

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