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Oh how quickly Christmas seems to come around! Here at AMHQ we have compiled a little Staff Christmas Gift Guide to give a little inspiration for all those struggling for ideas ... and of course for the last minute Christmas Eve panic buying (yes, boyfriends and husbands we are looking in your direction!).


Banita bbn12-gp1Banita - Workshop Assistant

Gingerbread Man Necklace: 'This little biscuity man makes for a festive gift this Christmas for those with a sweet tooth! With a warm and  welcoming smile, black diamond currents and gingerbread texture, who could resist this Christmassy treat freshly baked in our workshop!'






Emma cye55-18y-1Emma - Press & PR Manager

18ct Gold Seruni Diamond Studs: 'They are a classic diamond stud, clean and elegant in a very 'Grace Kelly' way, but with a subtle nod to  nature in the bud setting.  Big enough to create a sparkle, but not too big to be flashy. Diamond studs are an essential part of any gal's  jewellery box, and nobody could fail to fall in love with these'.



Suzy Agcs-18ySuzy A - Visual Merchandiser

18ct Enchanted Alphabet Necklace:  'This is on my very own wish list - maybe a little early Christmas treat for myself ?? A timeless and delicate piece that can be worn everyday. It also looks great when worn alone or layered up with other necklaces!'





Susie Leethr3-gpSusie Lee - Bespoke Manager

Ornate Felt Pin Ring'Such a show stopping cocktail ring, with a bright pop of festive colour.  The perfect gift for anyone who loves to sew and make things… and IT looks fabulous teamed with your favourite party season LBD!  A gift to remember!'





Juttaffbr1-gpJutta - Boutique Manageress

Ribbon Loop Brooch'As a keen admirer of the smart dress of the 1950s and 60s I champion wearing brooches. Pop one on your coat collar or on a simple work shift dress and feel transformed back in time for a bit of vintage glamour'.





Alex - Mr MonroeAlexthl2-gp1

Round Chantilly Keepsake Locket'For me I love it all of course, but I do have a wife, a mother and three girls to get presents for! I can't give them all the same thing but one piece I’m not missing out on is the round lace locket. It was the most difficult piece I made in 2014 which means I have a special affection for it! And it’ll layer nicely for anyone that already owns a necklace or two, so it’ll be great for my lot!'





sarahbqn3-gp1Sarah - Workshop Assistant

Asparagus Bundle Necklace'With all the chocolate consumption over the holidays (especially in the workshop!), I chose the Asparagus Bundle necklace as a little reminder to eat your greens over the holidays!'





ADELEffe4-gpAdele - Workshop Assistant

Wild Geranium & Fern Stud Earrings: 'I really love the way the bluebells dangle and they are quite a versatile piece'.






Aminabqn2-gp1Amina - E-Commerce Assistant

Split Pomegranate Necklace: 'I love rubies as Ruby is my birth stone, I love eating pomegranate and I love jewellery! This necklace is a win in my book!








Tom  - E-Commerce Manager 

Two Turtle Doves: A Memoir of Making Things: 'Two Turtle Doves provides a great insight into how Alex went from making ammunition to what you see today, very quaint, dainty, feminine jewellery. His childhood reads like a feral adventure of making and mischief! A must read for any fan!' 








Emily - UK Wholesale Accounts

The Fat Hen Necklace: 'I have chickens back home and really love them! So I think this is an appropriate necklace! I also love how weighty this piece is! Like a real fat hen!'








Mayo - Production Co-Ordinator & Design Manager

Silver Engraved Scissor Case Necklace with Tiny Gold Scissors: 'I chose these because it’s nice to sit by the fire over Christmas with some sewing, knitting and embroidery…… this is what I did in the winter holidays as a child with my mum'.






32483653_027_a Faith - Workshop Assistant

Alex Monroe x Anthropologie Handles: 'I love being in the kitchen at Christmas, it’s a bubbling hub of food, chatter, Christmas jumpers and even  more food! I think the brass handles for Anthropolgie would really add that little something special to any room especially the kitchen!'








bqn1-gp1-320Frieda - Workshop Assistant

Pomegranate Cluster Necklace: 'I think that the Banquet collection perfectly expresses autumn and winter with its warm tones and baroque curves (I usually end up with a few baroque curves come January).  Anything from the collection would add glamour to a look, but my favourite is the pomegranate and garnet cluster necklace – the texture on the pomegranate is beautiful and the mixture of stones hint at the jewels within.  Not to mention the pomegranate is a powerful symbol in mythology and a superfood – what’s not to like?'






Millie - Wholesale Admin Assistant

Baby Bee Charm Bracelet: 'Our beloved bee is one of my favourite pieces and this bracelet would compliment it perfectly. The little heart charm is a lovely subtle detail. The perfect gift for your bee loving loved one!'




the7-gpRainy - Overseas Wholesale Accounts

Large Needle Cluster Studs: 'I love statement jewellery!  And these definitely fit into the statement category! They are perfect for a glitzy night out!'




bbn6Hanna - Dispatch Administrator

Fox Necklace: 'This festive fox is the perfect accessory for the frosty winter days. Rose gold for me, is the colour for winter'.






dbn6-gp1April - Workshop Manager

Juicy Pear Necklace: 'My choice is inspired by the Twelve Days of Christmas song. I won't sing it for you but it involves a pear tree!'









Mandy - Workshop Assistant

Green Amethyst Forest Jewel Ring: 'Green is my absolute favourite colour, the way the stone is cut is really special... oh and it also happens to be the ring I treated myself to last Christmas!'


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