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What with a certain day looming on the horizon, we're in overload here; trunk shows, studio sales, and Christmas fairs. We have Ede and Ravenscroft in Chancery Lane on 2nd December, and also Sefton in Upper street. Lots of special one-offs there.

LIBERTY CHRISTMAS TRUNK SHOW! On Friday 3rd we're back in Liberty (and all week-end)

And then of course we have our CHRISTMAS STUDIO SALE starting on Friday night! We're open at our Studios here in Iliffe Yard, London SE17 from 6-9pm on Friday 3rd. 11-5 on the 4th, and 11-4 on Sunday the 5th. (off Amelia Street and Crampton Street). We're at number 9a, look out for my ice-cream van.....

I'm hoping to Christmas-pimp my ride (well, actually my Ice cream van) (and it's with fairy lights), and we'll even tidy the studio up!

We always have lots of nice things at our Christmas sale, and there's plenty going on in the surrounding studios.

By the way, I just made a necklace for my old friend Jenny Eclair who is suffering away down under in I'm a Celebrity. Hubby Geoff asked me to make a locket for her, then he jetted off to spectate from a posh hotel. I think she won it in a challenge on Sunday, but I was out so managed to miss it all. Here's a very bad pic of her wearing it.....

It says; 'Time flies...........' (and on the inside) 'when you're having fun', and is full of jungly things! Although  rather think she might have preferred a Big Mac!

Anyway, I don't mind being stuck here right now. I love this time of year, and especially all this snow!

See you at one of the trunk shows or at our studio sale. Oh yes, and my brother organizes a Christmas fair for his local church in Primrose Hill so I'll be there next Saturday (11th December). More about that soon!



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