Us, the Environment and our Ethics

As a company, Alex Monroe tries to be as green as possible, and we would hate to do anything we didn’t think was ethical.

At times it can be hard to trace everything back, but we hope that this will inform you a little bit about what we do.


About the Jewellery

  • Alex designs the original components of all Alex Monroe jewellery, making each piece in silver, by hand. 
  • All the jewellery we sell is handmade by craftspeople in the UK. Mainly in London and Birmingham.
  • Most of our jewellery is made in silver. We use a few different suppliers of silver, all of whom have assured us that it is responsibly sourced, although we are unable to independently verify each supplier ourselves.
  • We are always very keen to point out that silver is usually recycled anyway. One of the casting companies that we work with estimates that 60% of the Silver they cast with is recycled.
  • When we make pieces in solid gold, again, it is of course handmade. Like silver, gold has always been recycled – way before the term was invented!
  • Again, our suppliers all state that the gold they use is ethically sourced, but it is difficult to get a percentage of how much is recycled.
  • A lot of Alex Monroe jewellery is gold-plated. Mostly this is done by a small family business in Birmingham, who do everything they can to be environmentally friendly. Gold-plating is a fairly complicated chemical process. But our outworkers always stick to the proper guidelines on handling, storing and using these chemicals.
  • We have recently launched new packaging, and all of our printed material is on eco friendly recycled or responsibly sourced paper. Our jewellery boxes are made overseas.


About Us 

  • We send and receive a lot of parcels! We use Royal Mail for probably 95% this. For larger overseas deliveries we generally use Fed-Ex.
  • Our new HQ and shop in London Bridge is constructed of KLH – a sustainable timber, so the building will be as green as we can get it.
  • All lighting will be low energy where possible, and we always try to recycle as much as we can - especially paper.
  • On the whole, our team are big cyclists who cycle to work, those who live too far away use public transport and nobody drives.
  • Southwark Council have installed extra cycle parking to accommodate us at the new building!
  • We work with a wide variety of charities each year, and how we do this can range from specially commissioned projects, to making donations for raffles. We are committed to supporting charity as much as we possibly can.
  • We have a strong commitment to education and mentoring, and welcome young people for work experience whenever possible.
  • We will continue to press for responsibly sourced materials in the jewellery industry and apply what pressure we are able, to all our suppliers for more transparency in the supply chain.


Do please let us know if you think there is more we could do, or ways to improve.