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Hi All,

I can't believe how long it's been since I wrote a blog. I guess Summer came and I was just too busy having fun! So I thought I ought to do a quick newsy update.

Summer kicked off with Rakhi going on her maternity leave (Rakhi worked with our 'Bespoke' clients). We had a lovely lunch from Paul. They delivered a HUGE box of Sandwiches and an even HUGER box of cakes. We had tea and ate till we were fit to burst. The best news is that she has had a lovely little girl called Lila. CONGRATULATIONS!

Rakhi on her last day.

And more congratulations to Suzy.A! She got married this weekend so we declared a national holiday at AMHQ; On Friday we dressed up and locked up and all headed down to Marylebone Town Hall for the ceremony, followed by a knees up in their fave pub in Primrose Hill. Hooray for Suzy and Nigel. (I think that's our first ever AM wedding. Must tell the gang to do this more often) Pics to follow as my camera has drowned (details below)

But in-between the Baby and the Wedding what's been happening with us...?

We've been working on re-launching our website. The new version should be up and running VERY soon. It'll have the new Chrysanthemum collection on and loads of other new stuff, better features etc.

The Shop. Hmm, it is very, very nearly finished.......But the council wanted us to clad the wooden structure in ceramic, which has turned out to be impossible, and now they're not budging, so we can't finish it! I've got all our councillors onto it, and I'm hoping Simon Hughes MP will help. So with plenty of lobbying we are hoping to change their minds and get the building finished soon. Anyway, the architects reckon at the very least that we could put up some temporary cladding and open the shop very soon. It's all very complicated. No idea why, but Southwark planning seem to have had it in for us. Just bad luck probably. If anyone out there has any ideas I'd love to hear them!

Susie Lee has taken over the bespoke side of the business and is doing great things. We're making more and more precious pieces and doing lots of engagements and weddings. It's really fun!

I had a lovely two weeks holiday in Suffolk. I cycled there with Tom and Lloyd which was brilliant. 113 miles. We have a cute little cottage in the forest and I love it! There are owls and snakes and deer and rabbits all sorts of birds. Perfect. I grew veg and cycled and walked and sailed. The kids went feral. Orford village fete was a high point. A proper village do with loads for the kids. I loved the flower and produce section best. I might enter something myself next year? On the last day I sailed up to Snape for a pint in the pub and fell overboard with my phone in my pocket. Lots of spectators so I made a complete arse of myself. Anyway, it's only a phone, but I am sad about losing my pics.

Cycling to Suffolk

Flower and produce at Orford fete

Denise and the kids at Snape

Captain Catastrophe at the helm

The kids in the Forest

Anyway. It feels like Autumn is on it's way, which I think is a beautiful season. The kids are back at school and we have London and Paris fashion weeks soon so it's full steam ahead here. New collections almost finished, I'll post pics asap.

More soon,


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