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Verity by Alex Monroe is a capsule collection exclusive to ASOS. We grabbed a quick five minutes between tea making and jewellery making with Alex to give an insight into the collaboration.


This is not the first collaboration you have done with a retailer, how did the ‘Verity’ project with ASOS come about?

It’s something both myself and ASOS wanted to do for a long time. The reason we put it off for a little while was because I was juggling other projects and the little time I did have spare was not enough to fully appreciate and work on the ‘Verity’ collection. From the early stages of talks with ASOS and their ideas, I knew I really wanted to invest the correct amount of time and resources this project deserved.

When people think Alex Monroe, they think nature inspired, organic , quaint and dainty. ‘Verity’ is still very much those things but seems to err on the side of a more contemporary style. Was this intentional and can you give an insight into the design process for ‘Verity’?

I worked with some of the design team who love ASOS. The design team is such a diverse range of people exactly like the ASOS customer. So we really played on what they would wear and tailor each design specifically for that customer. It was a nice challenge to find the correct balance of our signature style and the target market of ASOS. Hopefully we got the two right!

Can you give a little insight as to why you called the collection ‘Verity’?

Verity is the name of my eldest daughter. She’ll probably kill me for saying something so uncool but she has this young, cool and almost effortless style, which fits in with what ASOS embodies perfectly. I’ve got two more daughters, so keep your eyes peeled!

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?

 I don’t have a favourite piece. Every piece I create I love otherwise I wouldn’t make it. But if I was forced to pick one for my own kids, I’d give each of them one of the three rings (the heart, arrow and star) from the collection. They looked good by themselves and great stacked with other rings.

When people hear ‘Alex Monroe’, what do you hope the first thing that springs to mind?

I’d hope it would be quality, quirky and feminine.

The full collection is available exclusively from ASOS.

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