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It seemed like I was only just back from Germany and I was heading back to Heathrow, and off to Tokyo!

This trip had been on/off for a while because of the problems Japan has been suffering from, but I was keen to visit and at least show my support. Actually, Tokyo wasn't too different. There is a 'brown-out' in place; which means turning off some lights, every other lift or escalator and not using the air conditioning so much. Which actually I rather liked. Stairs are good. AC is horrid. Bright lights I'm not too keen on either (was that E.T.?)

Anyway, everyone was lovely as usual, and very welcoming. I had more meals out with friends and colleagues than ever before, which was great because my Japanese isn't good enough to order food without pointing. So I ate and I ate! And had lots of press interviews and events and meetings. It was a really busy trip all round. Also, Mayo was in town which made is so much more fun. Although I do feel the long trip as I get older. And the time difference. I got back on Sunday night and am only just feeling 100% again. Here's some pics....

First things first, I got some proper sushi

The gang in HP Bijoux shop

The big Muji had this wonderful cardboard box wall

Whenever I'm in Japan I get drawn to the temple of Muji; The HUGEST store in Yurakucho. Muji food, Muji bikes, even a Muji House! I loved this cardboard wall.

Chihiro Oide in her lovely jewellery

I love to see the way that people wear their jewellery. Japanese people are really creative and combine really interesting pieces. Chihiro is a model and does a great blog

Goldie Shop

Another Goldie shop

Fantastic meal in the HP restaurant with HP

Mr Kameyama always takes me out for the best meals ever. HP had bought this wonderful old restaurant to save it from closing. We ate amazing food and chatted in the most wonderful setting. The chef talked me through each dish. It was a super evening. Here's their web-site

Lunch with the sales team from HP

The lovely gang from the wholesale division took me out for a lovely lunch. I was very proud of myself, sitting on the floor for ages without wincing!

Supper at home with Mayo

Now that was a treat. Mayo's family invited me for supper. They were lovely and I felt really privileged to be invited into their home.

A little walk in the museum

The wonderful Nezu museum was a delight. I particularly liked the gardens.

Ah well. Back to the old routine for me. No more trips for a bit. I'm quite looking forward to being at home for a while! Kids concerts, school plays and summer fairs. Lovely!


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