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From Alex’s iconic bumblebee necklace, curious creatures, lockets and alphabet initial pendants, discover a selection of luxury necklaces inspired by nature and just waiting to be layered up.

15 Items

  1. Leafy Rosette Necklace with Green Peridot Teardrop Charm
  2. Fruit Cocktail Classic Station Necklace
  3. Grapefruit Slice Necklace
  4. Small & Sweet Peach Necklace
  5. Small & Sweet Cherry Necklace
  6. Cherry Blossom Branch Necklace with Hanging Cherries
  7. Orange Blossom Branch Necklace with Hanging Oranges
  8. Longline Fruit Medley Station Necklace
  9. Floral Heart Necklace with Itsy Bitsy Bee
  10. Heart-shaped Leaf Rosette Necklace
  11. Single Rosette Necklace set with Teardrop Peridot
  12. Rosette Cluster In-Line Pathway Necklace
  13. Sprouting Rosette In-Line Necklace
  14. Clustered Rosette Flourish Collar Necklace
  15. Large Lemon & Leaf Necklace

15 Items

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