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Under £250

Under £250

Here is where you will start to discover our more intricate designs, from sophisticated studs, to gemstone set rings and elaborate ear pieces.

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  1. Necklaces x
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209 Items

  1. Ornate Rose Studs
  2. Hedgehog Necklace - Friends of the Earth
  3. Honey Bee and Citrine Necklace
  4. Daisy Wreath Ring
  5. Teeny Weeny Bee Single Stud Earring
  6. Bumblebee Necklace
  7. Doctor Who Galaxy In-Line Necklace
  8. Floral Letter A Necklace
  9. Floral Letter B Necklace
  10. Floral Letter C necklace
  11. Floral Letter D Necklace
  12. Floral Letter E Necklace
  13. Floral Letter F Necklace
  14. Floral Letter G Necklace
  15. Floral Letter H Necklace
  16. Single Diamond Stud Earring
  17. Floral Letter I Necklace
  18. Floral Letter J Necklace
  19. Floral Letter K Necklace
  20. Floral Letter L Necklace
  21. Mouse in the Strawberry Garden Necklace
  22. White Rabbit Necklace
  23. Curiouser & Curiouser Magic World Necklace
  24. Itsy Bitsy Bee Single Stud Earring
  25. Teeny Tiny Shell Single Stud Earring
  26. Floral Letter M Necklace
  27. Floral Letter N Necklace
  28. Floral Letter O Necklace
  29. Floral Letter P Necklace
  30. Heron Ornate Hook Earrings
  31. Mountain Goat Family Necklace with Ornate Drops
  32. Hans D-Shape Hidden Green Tourmaline Ring
  33. Mountain Goat Necklace
  34. Dor Beetle Necklace
  35. Dor Beetle & Smoky Quartz Drop Earrings
  36. Doctor Who Companion Single Stud Earring
  37. Floral Letter Q Necklace
  38. Floral Letter R Necklace
  39. Floral Letter S Necklace
  40. Floral Letter T Necklace
  41. Moth Formation & Green Amethyst Necklace
  42. Delicate Feather Heart Necklace
  43. Dragonfly Necklace
  44. Floral Letter U Necklace
  45. Floral Letter V Necklace
  46. Floral Letter W Necklace
  47. Floral Letter X Necklace
  48. Floral Letter Y Necklace
  49. Floral Letter Z Necklace
  50. Fat Hen Necklace
  51. Rosa Damasca Necklace
  52. Floral Heart & Star Necklace
  53. Flying Swallow Necklace
  54. Adélie Penguin Necklace - Friends of the Earth
  55. Frog Necklace
  56. Galleon Ship Necklace
  57. Leaping Rabbit Necklace
  58. Little Bluebell Necklace
  59. Assymetric Dandelion Fluff Earrings

209 Items

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