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Jewellery inspired by nature and nostalgia! All our jewellery is designed and handmade in the UK by Alex and our expert jewellers. Discover a treasure trove of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets handcrafted from Sterling Silver, 22ct Gold Plate and 18ct Gold.

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  1. Bracelets x
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60 Items

  1. Woodland Bark Inline ID Bracelet
  2. Three Feather Bracelet
  3. Woodland Exploration Inline Bracelet with Squirrel & Mouse
  4. Garden Gathering Charm Bracelet
  5. In-Line Garden Gathering Bracelet with Itsy Bitsy Bee
  6. Forget Me Not Bracelet
  7. Little Fern Leaf Bracelet
  8. Doctor Who Galaxy Single Ear Cuff
  9. Baby Bee Bracelet
  10. Trailing Ants Bracelet
  11. Alex Monroe x Kate Cregoe Potager Silk Scarf
  12. Rosette Cluster In-Line Pathway Bracelet
  13. Teeny Tiny Dragonfly Bracelet
  14. Doctor Who Galaxy Collectors Set
    From £344.00 Was £405.00
  15. Watering Can Cufflinks
  16. Fruit Medley Charm Bracelet
  17. Autumn Stroll Bracelet with Five Inline Seeds
  18. Inline Wheatsheaf Bracelet
  19. Alex Monroe x Heti’s Colours Bees in Bloom Silk Scarf
  20. Doctor Who Galaxy Earring & Companion Stud Set
    From £204.00 Was £240.00
  21. Honey Bee Cufflinks
  22. Fox, Rabbit & Mouse Chase Bracelet
  23. Coronation Bracelet
  24. Sprouting Rosette In-Line Bracelet
  25. Discovery Window Bracelet
  26. Hen Cufflinks
  27. Sail into the Sunset Engraved I-D Bracelet
  28. Ammonite In-Line Bracelet
  29. L O V E Mixed Charm Bracelet
  30. Teapot Cufflinks
  31. Hen Cufflinks
  32. Diamond Willow Bracelet
  33. Fennel 'Kissing Seed' Bracelet
  34. Drab Looper Moth Bracelet
  35. Hinged Column Bracelet with Ornate Detailing
  36. Crocodile Amulet Linked Chain Blue Topaz Bracelet
  37. Peter Pan Adventure Charm Bracelet
  38. Diamond Birch Bracelet
  39. Plume Wisp Bracelet
  40. Dinosaur and Baroque Pearl Charm Bracelet
  41. Shoal of Fish Bracelet
  42. Teeny Tiny Plume Champagne Diamond Bracelet
  43. Globe Trotter Charm Bracelet
  44. Twist Bangle
  45. Plume Loop Bracelet
  46. Paleontology Nugget Bracelet
  47. The Beekeeper Floral Chain Bracelet
  48. Fox Bracelet
  49. Woodland Garden Ear-Cuff with Chain Linked Stud
  50. Starfish Constellation Bracelet
  51. Tropical Leaf Charm Bracelet
  52. Fruit Cocktail Inline Bracelet
  53. The Beekeeper's Hive Charm Bracelet with 9 Miniature Bees
  54. Know Your Onions Charm Bracelet
  55. Tortoise & the Hare In-Line Bracelet
  56. Small Landed Dragonfly Wing Ear-Cuff with Chain Linked Stud
  57. Elephant Diorama Double Chain Bracelet
  58. Time Flies Bracelet

60 Items

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