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Phew. Seven of us had difficulties with the stairs on Monday morning. Our 10k run was great fun, we all enjoyed it. But I for one felt a teeny twinge climbing the stairs here at A.M. HQ. I didn't get loads of pics because I left my phone at home, but here's a few. We found ourselves next to an A.M. customer, turned out she never takes her necklace off so why not run in it? Here's  Tamlyn as we prepare to set off...

A feather necklace spotted on Tamlyn just before the run

And some of team AM just before the start

Denise, Nazan, Alex, Julia, Harriet.

Alex, Amina, Denise

Me? Just over an hour. That's OK for an old boy isn't it? Here I am looking decidedly not good!

Alex puffing along

I think we will have raised about £4000 for Fight for Sight. Big thanks to everybody!

I gave a talk at Holts Academy. What a lovely audience, a real variety and all ages. It was great fun and nobody fell asleep! It's a great place to learn about Jewellery. Really good courses.

Alex giving his talk at Holts

Then off to judge the awards for New Designers. I love this show. It's really worth checking out next year.

Judging at New Designers

And my old friends from Tokyo came to town. The gang from Antipast (best socks in the world). They always look after me when I'm in Japan so it was a good opportunity for me to say thanks. A tour of both workshops and lunch at the Garrison round the corner.

The Antipast crew

Our last ever Summer fair at Dog Kennel Hill Primary School. My youngest Libby played steel pans. I'll really miss it. She's off to secondary school next year!

Libby playing the steel pans

Last night I was in Liberty doing a Meet-and-greet, then on to the Grosvenor for the Jewellery Awards, which I judged a while ago. I wore a suit! No photos though... although someone said there was something on Twitter?

As I said... Phew.

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