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Everyone seems to be going Bee-crazy again......maybe it's something to do with a certain Miss Dahl wearing one on the cover of this months Red.....?

It's looking set to be a gorgeous weekend, but if you do decide to hit the shops, here's who we've sent deliveries to in the last 2 weeks:

In London, new stockist Madeleine Hamilton, and the lovely Indian Summer and Sisters & Daughters.

Around the UK, check out Polkadot in Exeter and Taunton, Fenwick in Canterbury and Silverado in Brighton - who will have the Clover collection for those of you who have been asking for it!

Also, Whistles stores around the country should now have the Baby Bumblebee back in stock.

A little further away, I've just sent some gorgeous new pieces to Fields in Dublin, then there's Konk in Berlin, Sara Gies in Antwerp, Kim & Maki in New York and all the way down under, Husk and Bessie Head!!

It's amazing how far our jewellery travels - we had a lovely email from a lady called Lori in the U.S who writes a jewellery blog.  Her son brought her a souvenir back from Alex Monroe necklace!!

Check out the story here:

Have a great weekend! Emma x

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