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Loving LA

We’re just back from our excursion to Los Angeles! What a city - full of great shops, food and fun.

We visited A LOT of amazing oulets and below are some of our favourites!
Cuyana (Venice) – This was a really nice store, it sold mostly leather goods and they have their
own monograming machine!
Ele Keats Jewelry (Santa Monica) – Amazing shop and owner! We missed each other in Venice but met up in Vegas and had a great chat - a must see shop if you’re ever Santa Monica bound.
Broken English (Santa Monica) – This place is a dream! It’s like the Catbird of LA, very cool shop with unusual brands. There’s one in New York too, will definitely be checking that out on our next trip to the States.
Dream Collective (LA - Silverlake) – A stunning shop selling ceramics & Jewellery
LCD (Venice) – Great store, two shops down from General Store, really nice girls and brands inside.
Ten Over Six (LA) – Again, great store, a girl from Claire V (another shop beside Dream Collective
I visited but they don’t buy in other brands) told me to come here. Really lovely. This shop is about 5 blocks from the famous Paul Smith store.
Mohawk General Store (Silverlake) – This is a perfect store, another ‘Catbird of LA’ except they do more things than jewellery.
The Odells Shop (Silverlake) – This is a lovely store, one block down from Mohawk (above).
As soon as I walked in the girl in the shop loved the bee so of course we knew we were in good company!
Voiage (LA) – Came across this shop by accident and it was a really great find. Chatted with the owner who could not have been nicer! We wanted to spend all our time there - total dream.
General Store (Venice) – Really cool gifts and clothes in the very trendy Silverlake.
Bazar (Venice Beach) – Chatted with the lovely store owner Tina, who is a real fan of the brand, huge love for the shop slap bang in the middle of Abbot Kinney, Venice’s shopping hub.
Love Adorned (Venice) – We always loved Love Adorned …. That is Love Adorned NYC, so when we found out there was one in LA too we had to see it! It did not disappoint! Check out that ceiling installation!  Amazing shop - all jewellery, all beautiful
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