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Marmalade is one of the best things in the world, but there are a few rules;

1/ you have to make it yourself,

2/ eat at least a jar a week.

Curiously enough, although Japan is my food heaven, I've never had nice marmalade in Japan, so I'm posting this on my Japanese blog as well. Hmm, might have to ask Mayo to translate... (have a look here)

Anyway, it's marmalade making time for the sad old  stay-at-homes (that's me), so I spent last night boiling up my second batch. And may I say it's one of the best ever. I used my Mum's recipe, easy and failsafe. Here it is with translation into plain English...

Marmalade instructions

Recipe: 3lbs Seville oranges, 2 Lemons (plus anything else? Grapefruit, lime etc??) 6lbs Marmalade sugar. 1/ Scrub the fruit, put in a pan with 6 pints of water, boil for 2 hours, go watch some t.v., cool. 2/ Cut the fruit in half and remove the insides, pith and all, put insides into a muslin bag, tie it up. Cut up the peel thinly. Put peel and bag back into the liquid and boil for half an hour, more t.v. Cool. Remove the bag and squeeze it out as best you can. Chuck the rest away. 3/ Add the sugar, stir until dissolved, then boil very fast for about 15 mins or until the liquid begins to set when you drip it on a cold plate. Turn off the heat then leave to cool for 20 mins. Then pour into jam jars.

Boiling it up

Boiling it up

The finished product!

The finished product!

It doesn't get any better than that!


2 thoughts on “Marmalade”

  • Wiltshire Jammer

    Alex your 2010 batch looks the business and should meet the requirement of being consumed
    at a jar a week. I now know why they ran of stocks in Gosford Park.

  • London Jammer

    Hi Wiltshire Jammer,
    I have to bow down to the master jam maker (see our japanese blog), the best I've tasted.
    But how are you with Marmalade?

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