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Hi Everybody,
Well, the New Year has certainly got off to a flying start. Here’s how it goes for me…
Friday; Emma’s birthday. Too much cake.

Emma's birthday

Emma cutting the cake.

Saturday PM; Emma’s Birthday party. Karaoke in Clerkenwell. Need I say more?

Me and Susie's Nigel.. I love Karaoke!

Me and Suzy A's Nigel. I love Karaoke!

Sunday; Nieces confirmation. I’m not a big Church goer but I’ll always step up if I’m needed, and I was. My niece Edie needed to be given away for her confirmation so me and the kids went up and did the business, all followed by a slap-up lunch at Lemonia in Primrose Hill. Nice because the Bishop did the service.

The Bishop and all

The Bishop and all

Us lot in the church

Us lot in the church

Monday; Mayo had a bit of fun working on a new collection…

Mayo working at her bench

Mayo working at her bench

Tuesday; Negotiate new lease on workshop. All went OK.
Wednesday; Big New Year meeting here. All very positive. Big expansion plans which I’ll talk about soon. Treat curry for lunch! Cinema with mates in the evening. The Road. It’s seriously depressing so only see it if you’re in an OK mood.
Thursday; Teaching at St. Martin’s. I love it there. The students are fab and sooo creative and it’s just great. Teaching a Charm, and a Ring project. My nephew Mario came round and we ended up meeting a few mates in the pub, should have learned by now, too much too late…….
Friday; Headache. Teaching at St. Martin’s. Still love it. Got our samples ready for Germany and sent them off. Visit from Southwark health and safety (yurgh).
Saturday; Day, time to think about tidying up my shed. I lit a fire and pottered all morning. Did a bit in the garden too.

A fire in my shed

A fire in my shed.

Last day for the Turner exhibition at Tate Britain. All very nice. I hold the world speed record for exhibitions, I managed the whole thing in under 10 mins. Perfect.
Monday; TV  company visited. Want to do a documentary with me talking about wills.... Not sure about it but would be great to get a will done.
Tuesday; Season strategy meeting with Harrods. All very exciting. They want to really step things up so we’re scheduling loads of great deliveries throughout the year. I think we’ll more than double our stock, space and sales. Can’t wait to get going on it all! But had to; Connie had exams at Alleyns School so I had to drop her off really early then whizz from Harrods to pick her up, Libby’s teacher called saying she was ill so raced over to get her, organised babysitters and wasn’t back at work ‘til 5. Ah well, it’s going to be a late one tonight!
Just saw that Susie has put the new pages on the web-site. One for ‘Valentines’, and a great new ‘Trunk show’ page. Only one available of each of these pieces!

Off to Berlin tomorrow, for ‘Premium’, part of Berlin Fashion week. Looks like it’s that time again....Berlin, London, Paris, then Tokyo . Doesn’t time fly?!


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