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Inspired by the golden age of travel and the romantic idea of travelling with just a suitcase in hand. Alex has taken the romantic nostalgia of crossing the desert on camel or hopping onto a hot air balloon hoping to cross the Himalayas and turned them into a wearable collection entitled 'Bon Voyage'.! The collection is full of whimsical trinkets and charms that evoke the wanderlust in us all!

The collection is now exclusively available online and Liberty. It will be launched at our London Bridge boutique on the 1st September with an exclusive event. So keep your eyes peeled for details.

Liberty will be hosting an in-store event with Alex on Thursday 25th August from 5.00pm - 7.00pm. Details can be found here.

Illustration by Josh Carlisle.
Music written by Daniel Patrick Cohen.
Ukelele by Alexandra Făgărășan.

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