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We've decided not to pass on the VAT increase to you. I have a theory that all politicians do is put a spanner in the works and make things worse. This annoying VAT increase is a bit of a nightmare for us here at AMHQ, but we have tried to make things easy and fair by having no price increases for you. We'll pay the extra VAT ourselves, we don't see why you should always have to fork out when the powers that be muck things up.

No extra VAT here!

Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “No extra VAT here......”

  • Rachel

    Great - I agree with your political points of view! Why do politicians not use more common sense (this VAT increase being one point of many)? It's great that you at AMHQ do! Happy New Year!

  • Reagan

    Thank you AMHQ! Nice to see that someone is looking out for their customers. Happy New Year!

  • Leyla

    That is such a lovely thing to do for your customers. Thank you so much. I am saving up for my first piece and no increase in VAT will mean I can have my very own flying bumblebee necklace so much quicker.

    Happy New Year to all of you!

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