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Hi All,

It's our Team A.M. charity run on Sunday, the British 10k. Seven of us (Me ((Alex)), Denise, Frieda, Tom, Sarah, Amina and Nazan) are running to raise money for Fight for Sight. They do lots of work researching into blindness. You may remember I raised money for them on my LeJog (Big cycling trip) two years ago.

Anyway, we have raised £3680.00 so far! Denise did a jewellery sale at the week-end in Camberwell so thanks to everyone who came and bought and helped etc. More money to come I'm sure. Anyone who fancies chipping in a few quid here's our Just Giving site;

As per usual, we've been really busy so I haven't posted a blog for far too long. So much has happened I hardly know where to start! Japan I suppose...

... ah, Japan. The food! It was a fairly busy schedule as usual, three trunk shows this time, two in Tokyo and then one in HP's  Goldie store in Hakata. I had to stay over so HP (HP are my distributors in Japan)  offered to put me up in a hotel. But I've always wanted to be James Bond in You Only Live Twice so I google-mapped a tiny island in the Sea of Japan called Oshima. Mayo helped me and we found a fisherman who would put us up. The underground, trains, buses, a walk, a ferry, and another walk and we were there. Oshima was beautiful, we hired a couple of bicycles and explored. I was very sorry to have less than 24 hours there, but I hope I'll go back with the kids some day. The best thing? Getting out into proper countryside on a bike... and the food. I ate Blowfish which was a first. And without it killing me which was a bonus.

Supper in Oshima... fish!

Fantasy Island

Terrible monsters in Hakata

Blowfish (or Fugu in Japanese) It has to be prepared properly or it can kill you! Yummy!


Me cycling in Oshima

A proper bit of forest

Then back to the workshop. No rest. I had to make some new samples for a Christmas project. Luckily it was Faith's birthday so the cake flowed... (can cake flow? Well, you know what I mean).

Faith's birthday at Iliffe yard

More soon, Alex.

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