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Big congratulations to our lovely Suzy A. She got married to the also lovely (and very lucky) Nigel last week. We declared a national holiday here at AMHQ, shut the studio down and headded off to Marylebone registry office. Gasps as Suzy came in, looking AMAZING in her dress and it was all over in a few minutes. Short and very sweet and out onto the old routemaster which whisked everybody off to the Albert for a right old knees up. The sun shone, drinks all round and we sat and chatted and ate all sorts of deliciousness. I was really pleased to meet Suzy's lovely family and particularly her Dad. Very glad to be able to tell him how much we all love his wonderful daughter. I had to leave at about 6-30 and left the gang getting very merry and set to boogie the night away. Here's some pics. Well done Suzy and thank you so much for the best day ever! (oh yes, and sorry to Tom but I couldn't resist the last pic., somewhere there is one of me wearing the veil but why would I blog that?)

Here she comes!

On the steps

Suzy posing in the pub garden

Good grub... mmmmm...

Tom is looking goood...

Bye for now!


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