Peter Pan
Would you like to have an adventure now... or would you like your tea first?

Alex Monroe are delighted to once again be teaming up with the incredible Great Ormond Street Children's Charity (GOSH). Inspired by the boy who never grew up and his magical land of dreams and adventure, Alex and our design team have conjured up 'Peter Pan' - a whimsical, limited edition collection.



The Collection

£30 from every piece sold of Peter Pan will be donated to GOSH Charity in support of Great Ormond Street Hospital and the incredible work they do for children and their loved ones both at Christmas and every day of the year. Designed and handmade in our London Workshop, 'Peter Pan' is handcrafted from Sterling Silver and detailed with 22ct Gold Plate.

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Chapter 1 The Darling Children's Nursery

'While she was dreaming the window of the nursery blew open, and a boy did drop on the floor. He was accompanied by a strange light, no bigger than your fist, which darted about the room like a living thing and I think it must have been this light that wakened Mrs. Darling’ (JM BARRIE). Peter Pan flies in through the open window to the Darling’s Nursery to the surprise of Wendy, Peter and Micheal, where acorns are mistaken for kisses and Tinkerbell makes her first appearance as a gentle tinkling of bells!

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Chapter 2 The Journey to Neverland

'Second to the right, said Peter, and then straight on till morning' (JM Barrie). Peter and the children are sprinkled with pixie dust and journey through the skies to Neverland, guided by the second star to the right.

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Chapter 3 Adventures in Neverland

'It is the end of a long playful day on the lagoon. The sun’s rays have persuaded him to give them another five minutes, for one more race over the waters before he gathers them up and lets in the mood’. Peter, Wendy and the lost boys adventure across the island of Neverland, battling Captain Hook, encountering a ticking crocodile and watching Native Indian arrows glitter in the light as the Sun rises over the horizon.

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Chapter 4 A Tale of Wonder and Adventure

'I don't want to go to school and learn solemn things… no one is going to catch me and make me a man’. The story of Peter Pan, the Darling children and their adventures in Neverland, captured in two spectacular pieces of limited edition jewellery.

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Great Ormond Street Hospital & Peter Pan The Charity

JM Barrie gave his rights in Peter Pan to the hospital in 1929 and 2019 marks the 90th anniversary of this unique gift. Since it was first written, the story of Peter Pan and his battle against arch enemy Captain Hook has enchanted children and adults alike, and thank to Barrie's generosity, continues to benefit the seriously ill children who come to GOSH for life saving treatment every day.

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