Polished Signet Diamond Ring

A romantic Rambling Rose is engraved around this polished Signet Ring, a gentle nod to echo the Rose cut of the Diamond. We loved the juxtaposition of a lab grown stone, with such an old fashioned cut.

Carbon Footprint:267.28kg
This ring is equivalent to 72.24 English Breakfasts

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Product Description

Sourced from The Diamond Foundry, this Diamond is 0.97cts and has been reverse set to accentuate the light play within the stone, and the VS1 grade means that the diamond has super clarity, with no inclusions visible to the naked eye. The ring itself is hand engraved, and made in 18ct Fairmined Yellow Gold.

Based in Washington State and powered by the Columbia River using renewable hydroelectric power, The Diamond Foundry is the world’s first diamond producer to be certified with a zero carbon footprint.

Every One of a Kind comes with a certificate of authenticity marking its unique and special nature.

Product Details
18ct Solid Yellow Gold
Engraving Width
Diamond Foundy White Rose Cut Diamond 0.97ct I VS1. 6.5x6.48mm
Band Thickness
Product Code

Just like you, our beautiful jewellery does need to be looked after.

We have compiled a list of hints and tips for you on how to care for your Alex Monroe jewellery, so it will look as lovely as the day you received it. Many customers continue to enjoy wearing their Alex Monroe jewellery after owning it for 25 years!

We also provide a full repair and re-conditioning service for all Alex Monroe jewellery. If your jewellery is damaged or just needs a little TLC, then please get in touch to receive a quote.

More information on how to care for your jewellery or how to get in touch regarding a repair or re-conditioning, can be found on our Jewellery Care page.

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Long considered the most popular choice, ‘Traditional’ white diamonds are not actually white at all, with hues ranging from as colourless as a drop of water to having tints of light yellow, light brown or grey. One of the ‘Four C’s’ discussed in reference to diamonds refers to its Colour, with high value placed upon how close a stone is to being colourless - the rarest. Our white diamonds are sourced by our long-term and trusted supplier, Clark Diamonds, a UK based company whose stones all comply with the Kimberley Process.

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wild rose leaf fine alex monroe one of a kind ring placed on a open book
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Fancy Coloured Diamonds

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Polished Signet Daimond Ring alex monroe jewellery

Lab Grown Diamonds

The subject of lab-grown Diamonds is one of much debate. They provide an option outside conventional mining, which is historically problematic for both social and environmental reasons - but could ultimately remove much-needed income from mining communities, and many ‘Labs’ often have an unknown or undisclosed environmental impact.

We chose to offer stones from The Diamond Foundry, the world’s first diamond producer to be certified with a zero carbon footprint. The Diamond Foundry’s production is based in Washington State and powered by the Columbia River using renewable hydroelectric power.

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