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Red Admiral Mum


On Mother's Day I always wear my Butterfly necklace. When my mum died twenty years ago she left a ring with three diamonds
in it to us three daughters. We wanted something special to remember her by and Alex came up with the butterfly design for us after hearing Mum say to think of her when we saw a red admiral. I love that the diamond is the heart of the piece and that my sisters and I each have this unique reminder of our lovely mum that these three necklaces will now go on to mean something special to our children too.

My Mother's Day treat is to lie in bed with a cup of tea and to read my book while our daughters clatter away in the kitchen preparing breakfast. My Favourite is waffles with bacon, fruit, lashings of golden syrup and a big cup of frothy coffee. As the kids get older and spend more time doing their own thing, it is really special to have Mother's Day breakfast together and to remember just how lucky I am to have three such beautiful girls. And they can cook!

Words by: Denise Monroe  |  Mother's Day Card by: Verity Monroe

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