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I popped down to check up on the new building in Snowsfields the other day, they're certainly making a mess!

The actual building has been pre-fabricated in Germany, see KLH, and should arrive this week! Very exciting.

We're hoping for a grand openning during London Jewellery Week in June!

P.S. Saw my mate Lloyd's play at the Old Vic on Friday and loved it. We took all the kids along to see A flea in her ear (we got the tickets at half price, there's a deal on), and everyone had a great time. It was really funny! Good old fashioned slapstick, a bit like Faulty Towers, (I think John Cleese was a big fan). Anyway, if you get the chance I really recommend it. Look out for Lloyd Hutchinson, he's brilliant, and say Hi from me!

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