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I've so much to write about I don't know where to start! We went to the Cricket, Connie cooked at Moro(!), I had a great trip to Japan, I picked up my new bike (fantastic!!!), a great meeting to design our new look, Tasha's 21st birthday party, loads of great cycle training, and funny story from April's sister.

Anyway, what shall I do right now..... First the cutest.... my gorgeous middle daughter really likes cooking and wants to be a chef, so I asked my mate Sam at London's BEST restaurant Moro if he would show her round the kitchens. Dear old Sam was fantastic. Connie and I went in at 12 on a mid-week lunchtime and she was whisked away. When I returned she was hard at work, dressing salads and making flatbread! We had a delicious lunch and Connie was allowed to join us, we ate the bread she'd made. We love Moro, and big thanks to Sam.

Connie and Sam cooking in Moro

Connie and Sam cooking in Moro

What next... Oh yes, very funny. April's sister was reading a racy novel on the tube the other day. She photocopied it for me... take a look for yourselves. I think I can retire now!

Hey! How brilliant is that?

More soon,


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