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Stockist Interview

The Hambledon

Words by Victoria Suffield

A bit about you


How would you spend your perfect day off?
A bike ride with my family with a nice coffee stop, an afternoon at the beach and dinner with friends.

Best ever movie?
Can I have more than one? Paper Moon, directed by Peter Bogdanovich, with Ryan and Tatum O'Neal, which is funny and touching and beautifully shot in black and white. And Singing in the Rain which is just the most perfect, life affirming film and I don't even like musicals.

Best ever book?
Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner. I only ever read novels (there's too much pressure to retain information with non-fiction) and Wallace Stegner seems to write about what it is to be alive. I absolutely love him.

Favourite food?
Can't beat a roast chicken dinner with my husband's roast potatoes.

Birds or Bees?
I'm actually a little bit bird phobic (it's a flapping wing thing) so definitely bees.

Favourite getaway?
Every Autumn my mum takes all the girls in the family away for Daughters' Day (which is actually three days). We spend time together in a lovely hotel, being silly, walking, eating and painting our nails. Every family should have Daughters' Day.

Best Biscuit?
Plain McVities digestive. Obviously. Are there any other biscuits?

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Film Director.

About Your Shop


How would you describe your shop?
Well. I hate the word but it's a lifestyle store. Or a concept store. Or a sort of department store but we only sells things we love.

What’s special about your store?
The people and the stuff and the way it looks.

Are you easy to find?
We're in a double fronted Georgian building, overlooking the cathedral in the centre of Winchester. We're unmissable!

What’s the best thing about your location?
All the above!

Any other attractions in your area?
It's not really about major attractions. It's just really lovely. The cathedral is spectacular. Check out St Cross Hospital, which is a living, breathing Trollope novel. Winchester College is a little slice of Hogwarts. And the countryside around is beautiful.

About Your Buy


What attracted you to Alex Monroe Jewellery?
I think we had a feeling for prettier, more delicate and more nature inspired jewellery.

Do you have a favorite Alex Monroe piece?
I love the Oak Leaf and Acorn hoop earrings. And I don't even have pierced ears.

Do you have any shining members of staff?
I only have shining members of staff. Genuinely.
Can't believe my luck.

Any tips for customers buying Alex Monroe?
As with everything, buy what you love.

Do you have any happy stories about any Alex Monroe customers you’ve had?
We're looking forward to lots of happy Alex Monroe stories. Watch this space.

The Hambledon

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