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are intriguing places. Things sometimes happen differently in a workshop, so it was no surprise at all that when the jeweller looked up at the end of the day he realised that it was already dark outside and the necklace was finished. As if by magic two soft feathers, entwined in a heart lay on his workbench. They could have fallen from the sky.

The jeweller began to plan his trip to the great forest. He chatted to his animal friends as they tidied up. Mouse sniffed the floor for tiny offcuts of silver, fox brushed the dust with his generous tail and squirrel, who had heard the news, surveyed the scene from the eaves.

Rabbit had family in that part of the world and asked if she could come along. Fox’s mischievous eyes lit up at the mention of more rabbit friends and he thought he might take the trip with them too. Mouse squeaked that she didn’t want to be left alone at Christmas and squirrel agreed. All five planned to leave together the very next day. They sent messages out with the long tailed tits. The plan was set.

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