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One of my favourite things is eating out. And it just so happens that I've just got back to the studio from a delicious lunch with my brother Roddy. We meet up pretty much every week for a bite of lunch and a catch up. Our usual and my absolute favourite place is the Anchor and Hope, in Waterloo.

Anchor and Hope, Waterloo


You can't get better food in London, and the handy thing for me is that it's only 5 minutes from my studio on by bike. By the way, I'll probably go on about my bike a lot because I absolutely love it! I built it myself. The frame is a 1960's classic lightweight, Mavic wheels, Campag. gears. And the Nitto handlebars are imported from Japan. Ooops, here I go. Back to the lunch.......

The best bike in the world


The Anchor and Hope. I'm a bit of an English beer fan, and this pub serves one of the best pints in London. This time of year, as the days draw in and it starts to get really cold, they bring out the Winter Warmer. A lovely thick, dark beer. We both ordered a pint.

Winter Warmer, yum.


The food is delicious too, we usually order a selection of non meaty starters. Today we got a Crab, Beetroot, watercress and horseradish salad, and a cod and potato terrine. Fabulous as usual, and I was back at work in time for my appointment with the lovely Zoe from Bentalls. Just finished ready to collect the kids from school and roll on the week-end!

Me and my brother (I'm the scruffy one with the hair)




Cod and potato terrine


Beetroot, watercress and horseradish salad


Crab Claw


The Bill!


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