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We have snowdrops, winter Iris', witch hazel, wintersweet, and helibores all flowering, and everything else is sprouting away like mad. Looks like spring is starting to spring. It was very sweet to see a little bee warming up in the sunshine on Saturday morning. She tried to come into the house so Libby and I put her safely in a warm spot in the garden.

Not sure but think she's a she and a Bombus Terrestris.

We managed to miss the sunny days when we all went down to the new building for a quick look round. They're doing amazingly! And we all got slightly vertiginous on the to floor, but we do have fantastic views, if you like big views of SE1 that is!

The balcony and board room

On the roof garden, well, it will be a garden when finished...

The workshop on the second floor

Also I just found this photo of the lovely red gold collection in Harrods.....

London Fashion Week starts any minute, then we'll open to the public at London Fashion Week-end, then I'm off to Paris........ busy busy busy, but not too busy....... I'm taking a few days holiday in between it all. I'll report back with (hopefully) gorgeous pics of sun-drenched beaches.

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