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Must come clean, I've been a bit naughty. For 24 years I've diligently worked the shows, less so in recent years because Emma does a much better job than I...... but this year my lovely neighbours weren't going to their house in Barbados this half term, so I bravely stepped up and offered to go for them. Denise found excellent cheap tickets, so that was that. Except she had booked the wrong month so changes were swiftly made. BA were great, but I had to get back for Paris Fashion Week, and the girls couldn't get a flight until today. So I only got four days there. But who cares. four days is loads better than none, and what an amazing place it is! Check it out, it's called Little Good Harbour and it's lovely. It's up North a bit, on the Caribbean side, by a couple of little villages where the locals fish and have 'fry-ups' by the beach. We stated in the  loveliest of the apartments, Frog Choir, and ate in the gorgeous Fish Pot restaurant just across a quite road, sitting overlooking the sea.

Barbados I love. We had a magical time. But it's back to reality now, off to Paris for the shows tomorrow, got the walk the dog..... it's freezing!

The Terrace at Frog Choir

Snorkelling at Folkstone

Empty beaches at Little Good Harbour

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