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Just an idea..... we thought of doing some jewellery making tutorials on YouTube. Here's one we did very quickly, cutting out a peacock feather. Anyway, we also thought it might be fun for everyone to see how things are made.

Let us know what you think and if you'd like to see a full series, 'The Jewellery Tutorials'

More soon,


4 thoughts on “Would like your feedback....”

  • Pat

    Cool idea! Will wait for more.

  • Judy

    I'd really love to see more tutorials. I completed a very basic silversmith course and appreciate the amount of work which goes into your wonderfully detailed pieces.
    Loved watching Alex's mastery with the jeweller's saw. If it had been me attempting to cut out that feather I would have broken a blade every 5 seconds!

  • Alex

    Right, I'm going to get going on this. Should be fun!

  • Taskeen

    Please - would love to see how you make amazing pieces!

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