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Our flagship store is located in the heart of Bermondsey and  can be found on the delightful street of Snowsfields, opposite the historically and socially significant  'Guinness Trust' housing development (more on that another time).

Our customers often ask us where our jewellery is made and they are always delighted to to discover (especially if they are buying a ring) that all of our items are all made in one of our two London workshops.

Our Snowsfield workshop is located on the second floor of our boutique, where you will find Alex creating prototypes, the bespoke team creating soon to be cherished pieces as well as where much loved pieces come for some TLC via our repairs and reconditioning team.

I'll leave it to the Snowsfields workshop team to better explain what they do.

Alex - Creative Director

'I never get as much time as I’d like in the workshop. There are always a million other things needing my attention, emails, phone calls and meetings. Writing reports and Press interviews. We’re so busy at our Snowsfields HQ that I don’t even have a desk of my own, so I perch in any spare space I can find! At certain times of the year I travel a lot doing exhibitions or visiting shops. It all got a bit much a couple of years ago when I was doing book tours as well. I think I did Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, New York… and more. It made me quite ill. So now I try to travel as little as possible. It’s important to remember why I got into jewellery in the first place; I love being in the workshop and making jewellery (and that’s what I’m really good at!). When I do get time on the bench I’m usually having fun playing with new designs and hand making prototypes.

Our Snowsfields workshop is modern, clean and most importantly, it’s light and bright. This makes a huge difference when you’re doing tiny detailed work by hand. Good light is essential. We make our Goldcrest fine jewellery here, and all our bespoke pieces. It’s great having a workshop above the boutique because we can meet customers to properly discuss their needs and work on making the perfect piece of jewellery for them. It’s great to show them the workshop where their jewellery will be created, as well as being able to show samples and play around with ideas.

The workshop itself is really well equipped. We have a super modern PUK welder for really detailed and complicated construction, alongside more traditional  tools; a forge, polishers and all our hand-making tools. I get very protective of my tools. I don’t like other people touching them. Everything is worn or sharpened exactly to my taste. And everything is in just the right place. I have a bit of a thing for hammers so we have a huge collection. There’s a right one for every job!

These days my eyes aren’t as sharp as they used to be so I have two sets of optivisors (head-gear with thick lenses for ultra-close-up focus). When I put them on I retreat into my own little micro-world and nothing else exists except me and the piece I’m working on, and I won’t come out of it…. until someone brings me a cup of tea and a biscuit of course!'

Susie Lee - Bespoke Manager

'Day to day I split my time between my jewellers bench, my computer and meetings with clients. When I’m on the bench, you’ll find me working on new designs and prototypes, customer orders and bespoke commissions. At the Snowsfields workshop we focus almost entirely on solid gold jewellery for our Goldcrest Collection.  The workshop here is super light and airy and gives us the best environment to see the teeny tiny details we’re well known for.  We have a range of really cool tools and equipment, such as our Laser Puk Welder - this helps us to work on really fine pieces and achieve a balance of strength and delicacy in our work.  We also like to keep things old school, and have an ever growing collection of weird and wonderful hammers.  You can never have too many hammers!   Our HQ can be a pretty bustling building so we often retreat to the workshop for our bespoke client meetings.  It’s a lovely informal environment and people love to see the hand making processes we use when we make jewellery for them.  It’s a great place to view samples and stones and discuss the direction of an individuals special piece.  Being situated just above our Boutique is also really great because it gives us a close connection to the people who buy our jewellery and it means we’re always on hand for any questions or bespoke enquiries'.

Sarah  - Bespoke & Design consultant

'I work on the Goldcrest and Bespoke side of my job in the lovely bright workshop above our boutique at Snowsfields, we are lucky enough to have tonnes of natural light flooding in so we can see every little detail of our fine gold pieces. Day to day I will be working on producing jewellery that will go out to our stockists as well as special pieces made to order for our customers and designing new collections. We will often have people come in to see us for a Bespoke consultation where we will have a chat to discuss ideas, and once a design has been decided we will put these ideas into metal, it’s a very exciting process! It’s not just wedding and engagement rings that our customers come to us for, it’s lovely when someone comes to us with a different idea that they have for a really special gift that is just what they’re looking for. 

I will often be found meticulously checking and putting the finishing touches to rings before they get sent out to their new owners, it’s always nice to know that what you’re making is going to be become such a treasured piece for someone!'

Sarah at the work bench

Jo - Repairs Manager / Bespoke Goldcrest team

'My week is divided between assisting in the bespoke Goldcrest fine jewellery team and managing our repairs and reconditioning department. When working with the Goldcrest team I have the pleasure of  making beautiful Goldcrest pieces for our customers. Each commission is given the utmost attention and care to ensure that we meet every little detail of the customers requirements. It's always rewarding to see an idea come to life and more importantly, having the customer be happy with it!

When I am not creating fine jewellery Goldcrest pieces, I am reviving customers much loved and cherished  Alex Monroe jewellery to their former glory via our repairs and reconditioning service. I work alongside Ying-Jen and Catherine to bring bumble bees and tiny mice back to life as part of the reconditioning team. We have seen some lovely pieces, one necklace originally commissioned from Alex more than 20 years ago! It is a pleasure to give each customer the opportunity to wear their pieces in a rejuvenated condition similar to when they first purchased them'.

Sawing at the bench
Worshop tools
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