Our luxury ring collections range from everyday essentials to our unique engagement and wedding bands ready to celebrate a lifetime of love. Mix your metals and explore our styles with ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds to curate your perfect ring stack.

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206 Items

  1. Beekeeper Garden Ring with Icy Green Sapphire
  2. Beekeeper Garden Ring with Coral Orange Sapphire
  3. Daisy Wreath Ring
  4. Tree Bark Wide Ring
  5. Posy Bloom Bee Ring
  6. Lemon Slice Double Band Ring
  7. Wild Grass Wishbone Ring
  8. Scattered Seed Ring with Three Diamonds
  9. Harvest Seed Ring with 0.7ct Central Diamond
  10. Mouse & Topaz Ring
  11. Chrysanthemum Leaf Ring
  12. Ship at Sea Signet Ring
  13. Victoriana Heart Signet Ring
  14. Rabbit Cameo Signet Ring
  15. Honey Fern Leaf Ring
  16. White Topaz Signet Ring with "A Star to Guide Me" Engraving
  17. Beekeeper Garden Ring with 0.11ct Diamond
  18. Pearl Signet Ring with "A Star to Guide Me" Engraving
  19. Forget Me Not Flower Trail Stacking Ring
  20. Peridot Signet Ring with "A Star to Guide Me" Engraving
  21. Diamond Fine Vine Ring
  22. Amethyst Signet Ring with "A Star to Guide Me" Engraving
  23. Sprouting Rosette Ring
  24. Turquoise Signet Ring with "A Star to Guide Me" Engraving
  25. Signet Ring with Itsy Bitsy Bee
  26. Opal Signet Ring with "A Star to Guide Me" Engraving
  27. Plume Ring
  28. Beekeeper Peach, Green & Yellow Sapphire Twist Ring
  29. Plume Wisp Ring
  30. Kissing Seed Band Ring with Three Diamonds
  31. Spring Halo Diamond Eternity Ring
  32. Beekeeper Jardinière Ring
  33. Heavy D-Shaped Reed Band Ring
  34. Beekeeper Green, Yellow & Pink Sapphire Twist Ring
  35. Seed Pod & Champagne Diamond Ring
  36. Coral Texture Ring with Diamonds
  37. Beekeeper Pale Green & Blue Sapphire Trilogy Ring
  38. Rosa Alba Ring with Spearmint Green Sapphire
  39. Snake in the Grass Ring with a Princess Cut Aquamarine
  40. Wrapped Chard Leaf Ring
  41. Kreuz Flat Band with Interior Pearls
  42. Overgrown Column Ring with Racing Tortoise
  43. Asymmetric Diamond Kissing Seed Ring
  44. Tiny Sprouting Rosette Ring
  45. Twig Ring with 0.74ct Oval Titanite
  46. Big Daisy Ring
  47. Coral Texture Diamond Solitaire Ring with 0.25ct Diamond
  48. Rosa Alba Ring with Citrus Sapphire
  49. Sail into the Sunset Engraved Ring
  50. Gathered Seed Ring with Eight Diamonds
  51. Morning Sunrise Ring
  52. Beekeeper Twist Ring with Three Diamonds
  53. Fine Coral Texture Ring