This is a Token Chris and Freya Bramble-Carter Alex Monroe JewelleryThis is a Token Chris and Freya Bramble-Carter Alex Monroe Jewellery

Episode Forty -  Chris and Freya Bramble Carter

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As an extra special Father’s Day episode, Alex (and his daughter Connie) are delighted to introduce the super talented and charming craftspeople and ceramic experts Chris and Freya Bramble Carter onto ‘This Is A Token.’

Chris has been a feature in the crafts world for a long time, and has taken his love of ceramics and teaching the art form to so many different communities, including teaching inmates at some of the UK’s bigger prisons. Although Alex and Chris have never met, their paths often intertwine as they talk through their careers in the arts world.

After studying a fine art degree, Freya felt inspired by her Dad’s eclectic journey in the crafts space to make her own ceramics. Known specifically for her skill in glazing and organic shapes, Freya’s popularity has grown immensely in recent years, and has even seen her participate as a guest judge on popular reality show, ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’ on Channel 4.

Settle in and listen for a friendly chat between Chris and Freya with Alex as their shared collection of jewellery pieces often hold their mark from days by the clay wheel and childhood joy from happy shared memories going to Claire’s Accessories, Kilburn High Road and Topshop! It’s a heartwarming one.

‘It’s a dads and daughters episode! Connie joined me when I met father and daughter potters Chris and Freya… and it turned out we’d met before and we’d met before and had all sorts of mutual friends. Small world, lovely people. Even lovelier pots. I’m thinking of re-training as a potter after this one! ’ - Alex Monroe

Chris and Freya Bramble Carter JewelleryChris and Freya Bramble Carter Jewellery
Chris and Freya Bramble Carter Jewellery

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Illustration by Connie Bella Monroe
Edited by Emily Sandford
Music by Daniel Patrick Cohen

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