This is a Token Delia Folk & Alison Bruhn Alex Monroe JewelleryThis is a Token Delia Folk & Alison Bruhn Alex Monroe Jewellery

Episode Twenty Seven - Delia Folk & Alison Bruhn

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In this episode Alex talks to mother daughter duo Delia Folk and Alison Bruhn, founders of The Style That Binds Us, a fashion focused lifestyle platform on a mission to ensure their audience lives their most stylish and fearless life.

Alex delves into their shared love of jewellery, exploring the stories behind their favourite pieces, both vintage treasures and contemporary finds.

Delia and Alison discuss their love of travel, the sentiment of jewellery shared across generations and the extra special pieces that carry these memories through time.

Delia Folk's JewelleryDelia Folk's Jewellery
Delia Folk's Jewellery

The Style That Binds Us 


CVC Stones 






Spinelli Kilcollin 


Aurélie Bidermann 



Illustration by Connie Bella Monroe
Edited by Emily Sandford
Music by Daniel Patrick Cohen

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