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Episode Thirty Five - Ruby Beales

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Alex is delighted to introduce our latest ‘This is a Token’ podcast episode with the fabulous Ruby Beales @rubybeales

After a varied and interesting path throughout the fashion industry, Ruby worked hard to become the Jewellery Buying Manager at London’s most exclusive and eccentric department store, Liberty London.

Ruby and Alex talk through their similarities growing up in the rural countryside and how they were both drawn to the fashion world through the joys of her brilliantly eclectic collection of antique jewellery treasures. 

Settle in for a friendly chat between Alex and Ruby as we’re sure you’re curious what a Jewellery Buyer would personally pick to have in her own jewellery box… and spoiler alert, it’s a lot of good stuff! 

‘Ruby is an old friend and she's been a huge support in my career. She's our buyer at Liberty London so incredibly important and influential in the jewellery world. We had too much to talk about… and I couldn’t wait to see the jewellery she’d chosen to bring along. I mean, what does the world’s top jewellery buyer actually wear? Gorgeous jewellery with so much meaning of course!’ - Alex Monroe

Ruby Beales JewelleryRuby Beales Jewellery
Ruby Beales Jewellery

Here are some useful links for further reading on topics discussed by Alex and Ruby:

You can follow Ruby on Instagram and LinkedIn:

LinkedIn - @rubybeales
Instagram - @rubybeales

You can follow Liberty London here

More information of Wedgwood Pottery here 

Illustration by Connie Bella Monroe
Edited by Emily Sandford
Music by Daniel Patrick Cohen

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